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Divine Will Revelations to Luisa Piccarreta

Book of Heaven Volume 12 Part 1 — The Kingdom of the Fiat in the Midst of Creatures



March 16, 1917

Union between the Soul and God is Never Broken. The Soul must Copy in itself the Interior Life of Jesus.

Continuing in my usual state, my always amiable Jesus became suddenly visible like a flash of lightning. Moreover, if I lamented, He said to me: “My daughter, My daughter, My poor daughter, if you knew all that is going to happen, you would suffer greatly. Then I, in order not to let you suffer so much, try to avoid you.”

Whereupon I returned to my lamenting by saying: “My Life, I did not expect it of You. You, Who seemed neither able, nor knew how, to be without me, now let hours and hours pass by away from me; and sometimes it seems as if You also want to let the whole day pass. Jesus, do not do this to me! How You have changed!”

Then Jesus, surprising me, said to me: “Calm yourself, calm yourself! I have not changed, I am immutable. Rather, I say to you that when I have communicated Myself to a soul, when I have held her close to Me, have spoken to her, and have vented My Love, this communion is never broken between the soul and Me. At the most the ways change: now I manifest Myself in one way, now in another; but I always invent ways to speak to her and how to vent My Love with her.

“Moreover, do you not see that if I have not said anything to you in the morning, I am waiting for the night to say a word to you? Furthermore, when they read the applications of the Hours of My Passion, I, being you, fill your soul to overflowing and speak to you of the most intimate things, which I have not manifested up to now. Then, since the soul must follow Me in this work of Mine, these applications of the Hours will be the mirror of My internal Life; and she who will model herself on It will produce in herself My same Life. Oh, how they reveal My Love's thirst for souls in every fiber of My Heart, in every breath of Mine, in every thought, etc.!

“That is why I speak to you more than ever; but, when I finish, I hide Myself; and you, not seeing Me, tell Me that I have changed. Rather, I tell you that when you do not want to repeat with your voice what I tell you in your interior, you impede the venting of My Love.”

March 18, 1917

Fusing Oneself with Jesus is to Repeat What He has Done, What He Does, Embracing with Him All Creatures and Repairing for All.

I was praying, fusing myself all in Jesus; and I wanted every thought of Jesus in my power in order to be able to have life in every thought of the creature, as well as to be able to repair with the same thought of Jesus, and so with all the rest. Then my sweet Jesus said to me:

“My daughter, while upon the earth My Humanity did nothing other than unite every thought of the creature with Mine. Thus every thought of the creature would echo in My mind, every word in My voice, every beat in My Heart, every action in My hands, every step in My feet, and so on with all the rest. By this I gave Divine reparations to the Father.

“Now, everything I did on the earth I continue in Heaven; and as the creatures think, their thoughts overflow in My Mind. As they see, I feel their glances in Mine. Thus between them and Me passes a continuous electricity, just as the members are in continuous communication with the body; and I say to the Father: 'My Father, it is not only I who prays to You, who makes reparation to You, who contents You, and who appeases You, but there are other creatures who do in Me what I do. Rather, with their suffering, they supply for My Humanity, which is now glorious and incapable of suffering.'

“The soul, by fusing herself in Me, repeats that which I did and continue to do. However, what will be the contentment of those souls who have made their life in Me—by embracing together with Me all creatures, all reparations— when they are with Me in Heaven? They will continue their life in Me; and, as creatures come to think or offend Me with their thoughts, those thoughts will echo in the minds of these blessed souls; and they will continue the reparations that they did while on earth. Together with Me, they will be the sentinels of honor before the Divine Throne.

“Moreover, as creatures offend Me on earth, they will do the opposite acts in Heaven. They will guard My Throne. They will have the place of honor. They, being the ones who understood Me most, will have the most glory. Their glory will be completely fused in Mine, and Mine in theirs.

“Thus let your life on earth be entirely fused in Mine. Do not do a single act that does not go through Me; and every time that you fuse yourself in Me, I will pour into you new grace and new light. Moreover, I will make Myself a vigilant sentinel of your heart in order to keep you distant from any shadow of sin. I will guard you like My own Humanity, and I will command that the Angels form a crown for you, so that you be defended from everyone and everything.”


March 28, 1917

Effects of the “I Love You” of Jesus. If the Soul Cannot Do Its Acts identified with Jesus, It Can Supply with the Attitude of Good Will.

Continuing in my usual state, as soon as my always amiable Jesus made Himself seen, but so afflicted as to arouse pity, I said to Him: “What's wrong, Jesus?”

And He said to me: “My daughter, there will be, and there will follow, unexpected and sudden things; and revolutions will break out all over. Oh, how things will get worse!” Then, all afflicted, He remained silent.

Whereupon I said: “Life of my life, speak another word to me.”

Then Jesus, as though He would breathe into me, added: “I love you.”

But by this “I love you” it seemed that everyone and everything received new life, and I repeated: “Jesus, say yet another word.”

And He added: “I could not say a more beautiful word to you than an 'I love you.' Moreover, this 'I love you' of Mine fills Heaven and earth. It circulates in the Saints, and they receive new glory. It descends into the hearts of those living on earth, and some receive the grace of conversion, and some of sanctification. It penetrates into Purgatory. The very elements feel themselves invested with new life in their fecundity and growth. Thus all hear the 'I love you' of your Jesus!

“And do you know when the soul attracts to herself an 'I love you' of Mine? When, fusing herself in Me, she takes the Divine attitude; and, losing herself in Me, she does everything that I do.”

Whereupon I said: “My Love, many times it's difficult to always have this Divine attitude.”

Then Jesus said: “My daughter, what the soul cannot always do with her immediate acts in Me, she can supply with the attitude of her good will. Then I will be so pleased by her, that I will make Myself a vigilant sentinel of her every thought, of her every word, of her every heartbeat, etc. Moreover, I will place them as retinue inside and outside of Myself, looking at them with so much love as fruit of the good will of the creature.

“When the soul, fusing herself in Me, makes her immediate acts with Me, I then feel Myself so greatly attracted to her that I do together with her that which she does; and I change her action into one Divine. I keep track of everything and reward everything. Even the smallest things, as well as a single good act of the will, do not remain unrewarded in the creature.”


April 2, 1917

The Pain of the Privation of Jesus that the Soul Suffers is a Divine Pain; It is the Price of Redemption.

I was lamenting with my always amiable Jesus about his usual privations, and I said to Him:

“My Love, what a continuous death! Every privation of Yours is a death I feel, but so cruel and merciless that, while feeling the effects of death, it does not cause death. I do not understand how the goodness of your Heart can tolerate watching me suffer so many continuous deaths, and then leave me still alive.”

Whereupon blessed Jesus came and, pressing me close to his Heart, He said to me:

“My daughter, hold yourself tightly to My Heart and take Life. However, know that the most satisfactory, most agreeable, and most powerful pain-which is most similar to Mine, and which can come before Me-is the pain of My privation, because it is Divine pain. You must know that souls are so united with Me that they form many links chained together in My Humanity; and when souls are lost they break these links, and I cxperience the pain as if one member were torn from another.

“Now, who can join these rings? Who can weld them again so as to make Ihe rupture disappear? Who can make them enter rtgain into Me, in order to give them Life? The pains of My privation! Being Divine, My pain for the loss of souls is Divine. The pain, when a soul does not see Me and does not feel Me, is Divine. Moreover, since the two are Divine pains, they can kiss, unite, meet, and have such power as to take the separated souls and unite them to My Humanity.

“My daughter, does My privation cost you? Then if it costs you, do not render useless a pain of so great a price. Since I give it to you as a gift, do not keep it for yourself but let it ny in the midst of the combatants rtnd snatch souls from the midst of the battle and enclose them in Me. Whereupon, as reinforcement and seal, offer your pain, and then lel it go round the entire world using it to save souls and return them all to Me. Moreover, as you feel the pains of My privations, so will you be placing the seal of reunion of souls in Me.”

April 12, 1917

Pains must be Placed upon the Cross of Jesus so that Nothing Lacks of Love, and thus Nothing Lacks of Happiness.

Finding myself in my usual state my always amiable Jesus came; and, since I was suffering a little, He took me in his arms, saying to me:

“My beloved daughter, My beloved daughter, rest in Me. Rather, do not keep your pains to yourself. Send them to My cross as retinue to My pains and as relief for Me, and My pains will court yours and sustain you. They will burn in the same fire, and be consumed together. Then I will see your pains as Mine. I will give them the same effects, the same value; and they will perform the same office that I did on the cross before My Father and towards souls.

“Rather, come yourself to the cross. How happy we will be remaining together, although suffering; because it's not suffering that makes the creature unhappy. On the contrary, suffering makes her victorious, glorious, rich, and beautiful; but she makes herself unhappy when something is lacking to her love. You, united to Me on the cross, will be satisfied in everything by love. Your pains will be love, your life will be love, all love; and therefore you will be happy.”


April 18, 1917

Fusing Oneself in Jesus Forms in the Soul a Divine Sun, Which Pours down a Dew of Graces over All Creatures.

I was fusing myself in my sweet Jesus to be able to diffuse myself in all creatures and to fuse them all in Jesus. Hence I would throw myself in the midst of creatures in order to impede my beloved Jesus from being offended, and that creatures would not be able to offend Him. Now, while doing this, He said to me:

“My daughter, as you enter into My Will and fuse yourself in Me, a sun is formed in you. As you think, love, repair, etc., the rays are formed. Then My Will, as background, makes Itself crown of these rays and forms the sun which, rising in the sky, falls as beneficent dew over all creatures. Thus, for how many more times you fuse yourself in Me, so many more suns are you forming.

“Oh, how beautiful it is to see these suns, which rising, become enclosed in My own Sun and rain down beneficial dew over all! How many graces do the creatures not receive! I am so taken that, as soon as they fuse themselves in Me, I rain down over them all kinds of graces in abundance, in a way that they can form greater suns so as to be able to pour the beneficial dew more abundantly over all.”

Then, as I fused myself in Him, so did I feel light, love, and graces rain down upon my head.


May 2, 1917

Jesus Died Continuously; without Dying. At This Point, Luisa Participates in the Same Pain.

Finding myself in my usual state, I lamented with my sweet Jesus for his privations, saying to Him: “My Love, who would ever think that your privations would cost me so much? I feel myself die little by little. Every act of mine is a death that I feel, because I do not find the One who is my Life. But to die and to live is more cruel yet, rather, it is double death.”

Then my amiable Jesus came quickly and said to me:

''My daughter, courage and firmness in everything; and then, don't you want to imitate Me? I also died little by little. As creatures would offend Me in their steps, I felt the rent in My feet but with such bitter spasms capable of giving Me death. Moreover, while I felt Myself dying, I did not yet die. As they offended Me with their works, I felt death in My hands; and I agonized with that cruel pain. I felt Myself die, but the Will of My Father sustained Me. I would die and I would not die! As the bad conversations and the horrendous blasphemies of creatures reverberated in My voice, I felt it suffocate Me, choking My word, embittering Me; and I felt death in My voice, but I did not die.

“And My broken Heart? As it throbbed I felt in My heartbeat the bad lives, the souls who tore themselves from Me; and My Heart was in continuous rents and lacerations. I agonized and continually died in every creature, in every offense; and yet Love, the Divine Volition, constrained Me to live. That is why you die little by little; I want you together with Me. I want your company in My deaths. Aren't you satisfied?”


May 10, 1917

The Breath of God Gives Life to Each and Every Creature. Jesus Gives Life to Their Life; and Creatures Shall Return It to Him.

Continuing in my poor state, according to my custom I tried to fuse myself in my sweet Jesus. But for however much I tried, it was useless. Jesus Himself distracted me, and breathing strongly He said to me:

“My daughter, the creature is nothing other than My breath. As I breathe, I give life to everything. All life is in the breath. If breath is lacking, the heart no longer beats, the blood does not flow, the hands remain inert, the mind feels the intelligence die, and the same for everything else. Thus all human life is in the receiving and giving of this breath.

“But while I give life and movement to all creatures with My breath—and with My holy breath I want to sanctify, love, embellish, enrich, them, etc.—they, on giving Me the breath which they receive from Me, send Me offenses, rebellions, ingratitude, blasphemies, thanklessness, and all the rest. Consequently, I send My pure breath; and it returns to Me impure. I send it blessing, and it returns to Me cursing. I send it with all love, and it returns to Me offending Me even in the depth of My Heart. But My Love makes Me continue to send My breath to maintain these machines of human life; otherwise, these machines would no longer function, and they would end up by being destroyed.

“Alas, My daughter, have you not heard how human life is preserved? By My breath. Moreover, when I find a soul who loves Me, how sweet her breath is to Me! How she delights Me and consoles Me! Between her and Me is formed an echo of harmonies such that she is distinct from the other creatures, and she will be distinct from them in Heaven as well. My daughter, I could not contain My Love; and I have wanted to vent Myself with you.”

So I have not been able to fuse Myself in Jesus today, because He Himself had me occupied in his breath. How many things I have understood; but I do not know how to say them well, and so I remain silent.


May 12, 1917

He Who Doubts of the Love of Jesus and Fears of Being Lost, Saddens His Heart.

My always amiable Jesus not having come, and I being most afflicted, while praying, a thought flew into my mind: “Has the thought never occurred to you that you could be condemned?”

Truly I never think of this, and I remained a little astonished. However my good Jesus, who watches over me in everything, moved in my interior and said to me:

“My daughter, these are true absurdities that greatly sadden My Love. If a daughter would say to her father: I am not your daughter; you do not want to give me part of your inheritance, you do not want to give me food, you do not want me in the house,' and she afflicts herself and laments, what would the poor father say? 'Absurd! This daughter is crazy And with all love he would say lo her: then tell me, if you're not my daughter, whose daughter are you? You live under my same roof, you eat at my table, I dress you with money earned from my toil. If you are sick, I assist you; and I procure all the means to cure you. Why then do you doubt that you are my daughter?'

“Therefore, with more reason I would say to who doubts My Love and fears of being condemned: 'Why? I give you My Flesh as food. You live in all that is Mine. If you are sick, I cure you with the Sacraments. If you are stained, I wash you with My Blood. I can say that I am almost at your disposition, and you doubt? Do you want to sadden Me? And then, tell Me, do you love someone else? Do you recognize another as being your father, and because of this you say you are not My daughter?

“Then, if this is not so, why do you afflict yourself and sadden Me? Isn't the bitterness the others give Me enough? Do you also want to put sorrow in My Heart?”


May 16, 1917

Effects of Fusing Oneself in Jesus. “The Hours of the Passion” are the Redemption in Act and are, Therefore, the Order of the Universe.

Finding myself in my usual state, I was fusing myself entirely into my sweet Jesus; and then I poured myself completely into creatures in order to give all of Jesus to everyone. Then He said to me:

“My daughter, every time the creature fuses herself in Me, she gives to all creatures a flow of Divine Life. Then, according to their needs, creatures obtain its effects. Whoever is weak, feels strength; whoever is obstinate in sin, receives light; whoever is suffering receives comfort, and so on with all the rest.”

Then I found myself outside of myself. I found myself among many souls. It seemed as though they were the souls of Purgatory and the Saints, who named a person I knew who died not long ago; and they said to me: “How happy he feels in seeing that there is no soul who enters into Purgatory who does not carry the imprint of the Hours of the Passion. Further, helped and escorted by these Hours, he Lakes his position in a secure place. Moreover, there is not a soul that flies into Paradise who is not accompanied by these Hours of the Passion. These Hours rain continuous dew from Heaven onto the earth, into Purgatory, and even into Heaven.”

Upon hearing this I said to myself: “Perhaps my beloved Jesus, in order to keep his word given—that for every word of The Hours of the Passion He would save a soul—grants that there be no soul saved who would not have made use of these Hours.“Afterwards, I returned into myself; and, having found my sweet Jesus, I asked Him if this were true.

And He replied: “These Hours are the order of the universe and put Heaven and earth into harmony, as well as keep Me from destroying the world. I feel My Blood, My Wounds, My Love, and all that I did put into circulation; and they flow upon all to save all. Further, as souls do these Hours of the Passion, I feel My Blood, My Wounds, and My anxieties to save souls come to life; and I feel My Life repeated to Me.

“How can creatures obtain any good, if not by means of these Hours? Why do you doubt it? The thing is not yours but Mine. You have been the constrained and weak instrument.”


June 7, 1917

When Jesus Finds that All the Things of the Soul Pertain to Him, He Consumes Her in the Unity of Himself. Only Love Unifies.

Finding myself in my usual state, I was lamenting with my sweet Jesus about his privations; and I said to Him: “What a bitter separation! Separated from You, everything ends. I remain the most unhappy creature that could exist!”

Then Jesus, interrupting what I was saying, said to me: “My daughter, what separation between you and Me do you find? The soul remains separated from Me when she permits something to enter that does not belong to Me. Therefore, when I enter in a soul and find her will, her desires, her affections, her thoughts, and her heart all Mine, I absorb her in Me; and with the fire of My Love I liquefy her will in Mine, and make of them one alone.

“I liquefy her desires in Mine, her affection and her thoughts in Mine. Then, when I have formed one single liquid, I pour it over all My Humanity as celestial dew that forms as so many drops of dew for however many offenses I receive. These kiss Me, love Me, make reparation to Me, and perfume My reopened wounds. Moreover, as I am always in the act of doing good to all, this dew descends for the good of all creatures.

“lf later I find in the soul any foreign thing that does not pertain to Me, then I am not able to dissolve hers in Mine. This is because only love has the virtue of dissolving one in the other and making of them one alone; they are similar things which can interchange and have the same value. Therefore, if in the soul, there is iron, thorns, and stones, how can they liquefy? And then there are the separations, the unhappiness. Thus, if none of this has entered into your heart, how can I separate Myself from you!”


June 14, 1917

The Stripping of the Soul and the Conviction of Her Nothingness Permits Jesus to Act in Her.

Continuing in my usual state, I was imploring my amiable Jesus to come into me to love, to pray, and to repair, since I did not know how to do anything. Then my sweet Jesus, moved to compassion due to my nothingness, came in me to stay with me to pray, to love, and to repair together with me; and then He said to me:

“My daughter, how much more the soul is stripped of herself, so much more do I clothe her with Me. How much more she believes that she can do nothing, so much more do I work in her; and I do everything. I feel all My Love, My prayers, My reparations, etc., put in act by the creature. Moreover, in order to honor Myself, I see what she wants to do. To Love? I go to her, and I love together with her. Does she want to pray? I pray together with her.

In sum, her annihilation and her love—which is Mine—bind Me, and oblige Me to do together with her what she wants to do. And I give the soul the merit of My Love, of My prayers, and of My reparations. With great contentment I feel My Life repeated; and I make the effects of My work descend for the good of all, because it is not the effect of a creature, who is hidden in Me, but Mine.”


July 4, 1917

The Pains Suffered and the Good Done are Bonds of Union with Jesus. He Who Does the Divine Will Lives with Jesus His Eucharistic Life in the Tabernacles.

Continuing in my usual state, I felt myself suffering a little. Moreover, my adorable Jesus, in coming, has placed Himself before me; and it seemed that between Jesus and me there were so many electric lines of communication. Then He said to me:

“My daughter, every pain that the soul suffers is one communication more that the soul acquires. This is because all the pains that the creature can suffer were first suffered in my Humanity, and they took place in the Divine order. Further, since the creature is not able to suffer them all together, My Goodness communicates them little by little. Moreover, as it communicates them, so grow the chains of union with Me, and not only the pains but also all that the creature can do of good. Thus do the links betveen Me and her develop.”

Another day I was thinking of the good that other souls have of being before the Blessed Sacrament while I, poor little thing, was denied this good. Then Blessed Jesus said to me:

My daughter, whoever lives in My Will remains together with Me in the Tabernacle and takes part in My pains, in the coldness, and in the irreverence, and in all that souls do in My Sacramental Presence. Whoever lives in My Will must excel in everything. Moreover, she always has the reserved place of honor. Therefore, who receives more good: who is in front of Me, or who is with Me? To whoever lives in My Will I do not tolerate even one step of distance between Me and her, nor division of pains enjoys. Perhaps I will have her on the cross, but I have her always with Me.

“That is why I want you always in My Volition, to give you the first place in My Sacramental Heart. I want to feel your heart beating in Mine with My same Love and sorrow. I want to feel your will in Mine, which, multiplying itself in everyone, gives Me with one single act the reparations of all and the love of all. Further, My Volition in yours, which makes your poor humanity Mine, would elevate it before the Majesty of the Father as My continual victim.”


July 7, 1917

For He Who Does the Divine Will, All the Works of His Life are Present and in Act.

I was fusing myself in my sweet Jesus, but I saw myself so miserable that I did not know what to say to Him. Then, to console me, my always amiable Jesus said to me:

“My daughter, for whoever lives in My Will there does not exist either past or future, but everything is in present act. Moreover, just as everything I did and suffered is in present act, so that if I want to give satisfaction to the Father or do good to creatures, I can do it as if I were in the act of suffering and working. Thus, what the creature can suffer and do in My Will, is fused with My pains and with My works, and they are made one alone.

“Further, when the soul wants to attest her love to Me with her pains, she can take pains suffered other times, which stay in act, and give them to Me to duplicate her love and satisfactions toward Me. Then I in seeing the ingenuity of the creature who puts her acts as in a bank to multiply them and to gain interest so as to give Me love and satisfaction—to enrich her more abundantly and to not let Myself be conquered in love, I will give her My pains and My works in order to give her love and make Myself loved.”


July 18, 1917

He Who Lives with the Will of Jesus and in His Volition, Lives in Him and at His Expense. Why Jesus So Much Wants for the Soul to Live in His Volition.

Continuing in my usual state, I tried to cast myself entirely in the Holy Volition of Jesus; and I implored Him to cast Himself all in me in a way that I would no longer feel myself but only Jesus.

Then Blessed Jesus came and said to me:

“My daughter, when the soul lives in My Will, and all that she does is done in My Will, I feel her everywhere. I feel her in My mind, and her thoughts run in Mine. Moreover, since I infuse the life of the intelligence in creatures, she is diffused together with Me in the minds of creatures. Further, when she sees that they offend Me, she feels My pain.

“I feel her in My Heartbeat. Rather, I feel a dual heartbeat in My Heart. Then as My Love overflows, she overflows together with Me and loves with Me. Further, if I am not loved, she loves Me for everyone so as to correspond to Me in love; and she consoles Me. In My desires I feel the desire of the soul who lives in My Volition, in My works I feel hers; and in everything I feel her. Thus she can say that she lives by Me, and at My expense.”

Then I: “My Love, You can do everything by Yoursclf; and You have no need of thc creature. Why, then, do You love so much that the creature live in your Will and with your Volition?”

Whereupon Jesus said: “It is true that I have no need of anything, and that I do all things by Myself. However love, in order to have life, wants its outlet. Suppose a sun, which does not have need light, being sufficient for itself and for others—yet there also being other small lights and notwithstanding that it doesn't need their light, it wants them in itself as company in order to vent itself and to enlarge their small lights. What wrong would the little lights not do if they refused?

“Alas, My daughter, when the will is alone it is always sterile. When love is alone it languishes and goes out. Moreover, I love the creature so much that I want her united with My Will to make her fertile and to give her the life of love. Then I find My outlet, because I have created the creature only to vent My Love, not for anything else. Accordingly, this is My complete commitment.”


July 25, 1917

The Present Calamities are Scarcely the Beginning. Luisa, at This Point, is invited to Operate as Jesus in His Volition. The Manner in Which Jesus Prepares Her.

Continuing in my usual state, I lamented with Jesus; and I prayed that He put an end to the chastisements. Then Jesus said to me:

“My daughter, you lament? And yet it is still nothing. Great chastisements will come. The creature has become unbearable. Under the chastisements he rebels more; rather, he does not want to recognize that it is My hand that strikes! I do not have any other recourse to use but to exterminate him. Thus, I will be able to remove so many lives that infect the earth and that kill the rising generations. Therefore, do not expect the end for now,but rather other worse evils. There will not be one part of the earth that will not be inundated by blood.”

I, in hearing this, felt my heart break; and Jesus, wanting to console me, said to me:

“My daughter, come into My Will to do what I do; and in My Volition you will be able to flow for the good of all creatures. Then from inside the blood they swim in, with the power of My Volition, you will be able to save them in a way that you will present them to Me washed by their own blood with the touch of My Will.”

Whereupon I said to Him: “My Life, I am so bad, how can I do it?”

Then Jesus: “You must know that the most noble, the most sublime, the greatest, and the most heroic act is to live in My Will and to work in My Will. Therefore, no other act can equal this act. I manifest all My Love and generosity. Moreover, no sooner than the soul decides to live in It, I, to give her the honor of having her in My Will, in the act that the two wills meet to fuse themselves one in the Other and become one alone—if she is stained, I purify her; if the thorns of human nature surround her, I shatter them; and if some nail transfixes her, that is, sin, I pulverize it. This is because nothing of evil can enter into My Will. Rather, all My attributes invest her and change weakness into strength, ignorance to wisdom, misery to riches, and so on with all the rest. In the other acts there always remains something of one's self; but in these she is all stripped of herself, and I fill her entirely with Me.”


August 6, 1917

“Peace and Security” are Only in God and in He Who Lives in His Volition.

Continuing in my usual state my always amiable Jesus came; and, since I was very afflicted by the continuous threat of worse punishments and by his privations, He said to me:

“My daughter, courage, do not become disheartened. My Will makes the soul happy even in the midst of the greatest storms. Rather, the soul reaches such heights that these storms cannot touch her, even though she sees and feels them. The place where she lives is not subject to tempests but is always serene. The sun is smiling because her origin is in Heaven, her nobility is Divine; and her sanctity is in God, where it is guarded by God Himself. This is because, jealous of the sanctity of this soul who lives in his Volition, He guards her in the depth of his Heart and says: No one touches her except Me, because My Volition is intangible and sacred; and all must give honor to My Volition.”


August 14, 1917

Jesus Lived in the Father Totally at the Mercy of His Volition; thus, the Soul must Abandon ltself Totally in the Divine Will. Difference between Living Resigned to the Will of God and Living in His Volition.

Finding myself in my usual state, my sweet Jesus had scarcely come; and in passing, He said to me:

“My daughter, on earth I did nothing but give Myself into the mercy of the Will of the Father. Thus if I thought, I thought in the mind of the Father. If I spoke, I spoke in the mouth and with the tongue of the Father. If I worked, I worked in the hands of the Father. Even My breath breathed in Him. Further, all that I did was ordered as He wanted, so that I could say that My Life developed in the Father.

“Moreover, I was the carrier of the Father; for, completely enclosed in His Will, I did nothing by Myself. My only thought was the Will of the Father. Therefore, I did not pay attention to Myself; nor for the offenses that they gave Me did I interrupt My course, but I always flew to My Center. And then My natural life ended when I fulfilled the Will of the Father in everything.

“So, My daughter, if you will give yourself into the mercy of My Will, you will have no more thought of anything. My very privation which so torments and consumes you, flowing in My Will, will find the support, the hidden kisses, and My Life in you and dressed with you. In your own heartbeat you will feel Mine, inflamed and afflicted. Moreover, if you do not see Me, you will feel Me; My arms will embrace you. Further, how many times do you not feel My motion, My refreshing breath which refreshes your ardor?

“You feel all this; and when you want to see who holds you tightly, who breathes on you, and you do not see Me, I smile at you; and I kiss you with the kiss of My Volition, and I hide Myself more in you in order to surprise you again and to give you one more step in My Will. Therefore, do not grieve Me by afflicting yourself, but let Me act. Never stop the flight of My Will in you; otherwise, you would obstruct My Life in you; while by living in My Will I encounter no obstacles, and I make My Life grow and develop as I want.”

Now, to obey, I must say some words about the difference between living resigned to the Divine Will and living in the Divine Volition.

First, to live resigned:

According to my poor opinion, it means resigning oneself in everything to the Divine Will, as much in prosperity as in adversity, seeing in all things the Divine Will, the order that the Divine disposition has over all creatures; and that not even one hair can fall from our head if the Lord does not want it.

It seems to me that it is like a good son who goes where the Father wants him to go and suffers what the Father wants him to suffer. Rich or poor he is indifferent. He is content only to do what the Father wants. If the son receives or requests the order to go some place to take care of some matter, he only goes because the Father wanted it.

However, during that time he must take refreshment. He stops to rest, to eat, to interact with other people. Therefore, he must use his own volition a great deal, notwithstanding that he goes because that is how the Father wanted it. Rather, in so many things he finds the occasion of doing his own will; therefore, he can be days and months far away from his Father, without the Will of his Father being specified in all things.

Thus, for who lives resigned to the Divine Volition, it is almost impossible not to mix his own will. He will be a good son, but in everything he will not have the thoughts, the words, and the Life of the Father all portrayed in him. This is because having to go, return, follow, and deal with others, love becomes intermittent, since only continuous union makes love grow and do so without interruption. Moreover, the current of the Will of the Father is not in continuous communication with the current of the will of the son; and, in these intervals, the son can get used to doing his own will. Nevertheless, I believe that it is the first step toward sanctity.

Second, to live in the Divine Volition:

I would want the hand of my Jesus to write this. Alas, only He could say all the beauty, the good, and the holiness of living in the Divine Volition! As for me, neither am I capable, nor do I have many concepts in my mind; I lack the words. My Jesus, pour yourself into my words; and I will say what I can.

To live in the Divine Volition means to live inseparably, to do nothing by oneself, because, before the Divine Volition, the soul feels incapable of anything. She asks no orders, nor receives them, because she feels incapable of going alone. Moreover, she says: “If you want me to do something, let us do it together as one. And if you want that I go, let us go together as one.”

Thus, she does all that the Father does. If the Father thinks, she makes hers the thoughts of the Father and does not have any other thoughts than those of the Father. If the Father looks, if He speaks, if He works, if He walks, if He suffers, if He loves, she also looks at what the Father looks at, repeats the words of the Father, works in the hands of the Father, walks with the feet of the Father, and suffers the same sufferings of the Father. She does not live outside but inside of the Father so that she is the reflection and perfect likeness of the Father, which is not the case for who lives only resigned.

It is impossible to find this daughter without the Father, or the Father without her—and this is not just exteriorly. Rather, all her interior is seen as interwoven with the interior of the Father, transformed, and lost, all in God. Oh, the rapid flights of this daughter in the Divine Volition!

This Divine Volition is immense. In every instant It circulates in all. It gives life and order to all; and the soul, dispersing herself in this immensity, flies toward all. She invigorates all and loves all; but she helps and loves the same as Jesus, something one who lives only resigned cannot do.

Thus for who lives in the Divine Volition it is impossible to do anything by herself. Rather, she feels nausea for her human work, although holy, because in the Divine Volition things, even the littlest, lake on another aspect. They acquire divine nobility, divine splendor, and divine sanctity, as well as divine power and divine beauty. They multiply themselves infinitely, and in an instant the soul does everything. Then, after having done everything, she says: “I have done nothing, rather Jesus has done it. Moreover, this is my happiness, that miserable as I am, Jesus has given me the honor of having me in the Divine Volition so as to have me do what He did.”

Thus the enemy is not able to bother this daughter, whether she did well or poorly, little or much, because all was done by Jesus, and she together with Jesus. She is the most pacific. She is not subject to anxiety. She does not love anyone; yet she loves all—but divinely. One can say that she is the repeater of the Life of Jesus, the instrument of his voice, the beat of his Heart, the sea of his graces. In this alone, I believe, consists true sanctity. All the other ways are shadows, larvae, ghosts of sanctity.

In the Divine Volition the virtues take place in the divine order. On the other hand, outside of It they take place in the human order. They are subject to self-esteem, to vainglory, and to the passions. Oh, how many good works, how many frequented Sacraments, are crying before God and seeking refuge because, being empty of Divine Volition, they are therefore without fruit! Would that all might understand true sanctity! Oh, how all other things would disappear!

Consequently, many find themselves on the false way of sanctity. Many put it in pious practices—and woe to who would change them. Oh how they deceive themselves! If their volitions are not united with Jesus, and also transformed in Him—which is continuous prayer—with all their pious practices, their sanctity is false. With great ease these souls pass from pious practices to defects, to diversions, to sowing discord, and other things. Oh, how disgraceful is this kind of sanctity!

Others put it in going to Church, in assisting at all the services; but their volition is far from Jesus, and one sees that these souls bother little about their own duties. Moreover, if they are impeded from going to Church, they are angry, and cry, so that their sanctity evaporates. They lament, they disobey, and they are the wounds of families. Oh, what false sanctity!

Others put it in frequent confession, in detailed spiritual directions, and in making scruples of everything. But then they make no scruple that their volition does not flow together with the Volition of Jesus. Then woe to him who contradicts them! These souls are as inflated balloons that, when a small hole is made in them, the air escapes and their sanctity evaporates and falls to the ground. These poor balloons are always saying how they are easily taken to sadness. They always live in doubt and, therefore, would like a director just for themselves to advise them in every little thing, reconcile them, and console them; but immediately they are more agitated than before.

Poor sanctity, how it is falsified! I would want the tears of my Jesus to cry together with Him over these false sanctities, and to make known to all how true sanctity is in doing the Divine Will and living in the Divine Volition. This sanctity lays such profound roots that there is no danger that it waver unsteadily because it fills earth and Heaven, and finds its support everywhere. It is firm, it is not subject to inconstancies, to voluntary defects. It is attentive to its own duties. It is the most sacrificed and detached from everyone and everything, even spiritual directions themselves. Moreover, as its roots are deep, it grows so much in height that its flowers and its fruits blossom in Heaven.

Further, she is so hidden in God that earth sees little or nothing of this soul. The Divine Volition has her absorbed in Itself; only Jesus is the Life, the artisan, and the form of this enviable creature. She has nothing of her own, rather all is in common with Jesus. Her passion is the Divine Volition, her characteristic feature is the Volition of her Jesus, and the Fiat is her continuous motto.

On the other hand, the poor and false sanctity of the ''balloons“ is subject to continuous inconstancies. Moreover, while it appears that the balloons are so swollen with their sanctity that it seem they fly through the air and to a certain height—so much so that many persons, and even the directors themselves, are in admiration; but they are soon disillusioned, because to make these balloons deflate, all that is necessary is a humiliation, or a preference used by the director to some other person. They think this a robbery to themselves, believing themselves the most needy. Therefore, while they make a scruple of trifles, they come to disobey.

Furthermore, jealousies are the wormwood of these balloons, which, consuming the good that they do, lets out the air; and the poor balloon deflates and falls to the ground, arriving at soiling itself with dirt. And then, if one sees the sanctity that was in the balloon, what does one find? One finds self-love, resonant, and hidden passions under the aspect of good, so as to have the occasion of saying that these balloons have become a toy for the devil.

Thus, from all their sanctity, one finds nothing other than a mass of defects, apparent masquerades of virtue. And then, who could say all? Only Jesus knows the worst evils of this false sanctity, of this life of devotion without foundation because it was supported by false piety. These false sanctities are spiritual lives without fruit, sterile, that are the cause of making my amiable Jesus cry; and who knows how much He cries. They are the ill-humored of society, the sorrow of the very directors and of families. One can say that they carry a malefic air which harms everyone.

Oh, how very different is the sanctity of the soul who lives in the Divine Volition! These souls are the smile of Jesus. They are distant from everyone, even the spiritual directors themselves. Only Jesus is everything for them, so that they are not a sorrow for anyone. The beneficial air that they possess embalms all. They are the order and the harmony of all. Jesus, jealous of these souls, makes Himself Actor and Spectator of all that they do. There is not even a heartbeat, a breath, or a thought that He does not regulate and dominate. Jesus has this soul so absorbed in the Divine Volition, that only with difficulty does she remember that she lives in exile.


September 18, 1917

Constancy in Good Purifies the Soul and Empties It of Itself.

Continuing in my usual state, I passed it in pains, much more so because my Celestial Mother let Herself be seen crying; and, having asked Her, “My Mother, why do you cry?“ She said to me:

“My daughter, how could I not cry if the fire of Divine Justice wants to devour everything? The fire of sin devours all the good of souls, and the fire of Justice wants to destroy all that pertains to the creature. Moreover, seeing that the fire spreads, I cry. Therefore, pray, pray!”

Hence I lamented with Jesus for his privations. It seemed to me that without Him I could not stand it any longer. Then my amiable Jesus, moved to compassion for my poor soul, came; and transforming me in Himself, He said to me:

“My daughter, patience. Constancy in good puts everything in safety. Rather, I tell you that when you are deprived of Me and struggle between life and death for the pain of being deprived of your Jesus—and with all this you are constant in good and do not neglect anything—you do nothing other than squeeze yourself. Moreover, in squeezing yourself, self-esteem, the natural satisfactions, leave. The natural is left as defeated, and becomes juice so pure and so sweet that I take it with great enjoyment. Then I soften; and I look at you with so much love and tenderness, feeling your pains as if they were Mine. So if you are cold, arid, or anything else, and you are constant, so many additional squeezes do you give yourself; and you form more juice for My passionate Heart.

“It happens as with a fruit which has a thorny and tough skin, but which contains within a sweet and useful substance. If the person is constant in removing the thorns, in squeezing this fruit, she will extract all the substance and enjoy the best of that fruit so that the poor fruit is emptied of the flavor that it contained; rather, the thorns and skin are thrown out. So the soul, in coldness, in aridity, casts to the ground the natural satisfactions; she empties herself of herself, and the soul remains with the pure fruit of good, and I enjoy its sweetness. Hence, if you are constant, all will serve for your good; and I will give My graces with certainty.”


September 28, 19 1 7

ln These Times of Darkness Only the Acts Done in the Divine Will will be Light, so that Creatures Not Perish. Whoever Lives in the Divine Will Serves as a “Carriage” for Jesus.

Continuing in my usual state, my sweet Jesus said to me:

“My daughter, the darkness is thick; and the creatures fall ever more. Rather, in this darkness they dig the precipice where they will perish. The mind of man has become blind and no longer has light to see good but only evil. It will inundate him and will make him perish—such that where they believed to find safety, they will find death. Alas, My daughter! Alas, My daughter!”

Then He added: “The acts done in My Will are as suns that illuminate all. Further, as long as the act of the creature remains in My Will, one more sun shines in the blind minds. Then who has a little of good will, will find light to escape from the precipice; all the others will perish. Consequently, in these times of such dense darkness, how much good the acts of the creature done in My Will do! Those who will survive will do so only in virtue of these acts.”

Having said this, He left. Later He returned and added:

“For the soul who does My Will and lives in It, I can say that she is My carriage; and I hold the reins of everything. I hold the rein of the mind, of the affections, of the desires; and I do not leave even one in her power. Moreover, sitting Myself upon her heart to be more comfortable, My dominion is complete and I do what I want. Now I make the carriage run, now I make it fly, now she takes Me to Heaven, now I circle the earth, now I stop. Oh, how glorious and victorious I am, and I rule and reign!

“If later the soul does not do My Will and lives in the human volition, the carriage is wrecked. She takes the reins away from Me; and I remain without dominion, as a poor King cast out of his Kingdom. Then the enemy takes My place and the reins remain at the mercy of the soul's own passions.”


October 4, 19 1 7

In order to Humiliate Man Hardened in Sin, Other Chastisements are Still Necessary. In order to Save Man,Jesus Places around Him All that He Did and Suffered.

This morning my always amiable Jesus transported me outside of myself. He was in my arms; and His Face was so close to mine that softly, quietly, He kissed me as if He did not want me to notice it. However, having repeated his kisses, I could not contain myself from reciprocating with kisses of mine. But while I kissed Him, the thought came to me to kiss his most holy lips, to try to suck the bitterness that He contained. Who knows if Jesus would not cede this to me!

“I asked, I tried, I begged that He pour his bitterness into me; and again I sucked more forcefully—but nothing. It seemed that my Jesus suffered from the efforts that I made to Him. Moreover, having repeated them with ardor a third time, I felt the very bitter breath of Jesus come into me, and I saw a hard thing obstructing his throat—which was unable to get out and which prevented the bitternesses that He contained from coming forth so that He could pour them into me.

Then my afflicted Jesus, almost crying, said to me: 'My daughter, My daughter, resign yourself. Do you not see the hardness that man has caused Me by sin, such that he impedes Me from making a participant of My bitterness the one who loves Me? Alas, do you not remember when I first said to you: 'Let Me do it; otherwise, man will reach such a point of doing so much evil as to exhaust evil itself and as to not know what other evil to do'—and you did not want Me to strike man? And man is always becoming worse; he has accumulated in himself so much pus, that not even the war was able to make this pus come out.

“War has not stopped man; rather, it has emboldened him more. The revolutions will make him furious, and the misery will make him despair and give himself in arms to crime. Then, in like manner, all this will serve to make the corruption that man contains come out. Consequently, My goodness—not indirectly on the part of creatures, but directly from Heaven—will strike man. These chastisements will be as a beneficial dew which will descend from Heaven and will exhaust man. Touched by My hand, he will recognize his Creator. Therefore, daughter, pray that all be for the good of man.

Jesus remained with his bitterness; and I was afflicted, because I was not able to relieve Jesus. Scarcely did I feel his loving breath on me, than I found myself in myself; and so I felt worried. The words of Jesus tormented me. I saw before my mind the terrible future; and Jesus, to calm me, returned. Moreover, so as to distract me, He said to me:

“How much love, how much love! Do you see? While I suffered, and pain formed in Me, I said: “My pain, go,run, go in search of man. Help him, My pains, and be the strength of his pains. As I spilled My Blood, I said to each drop: 'Run, run; save man for Me! Further, if he is dead give him life, but Divine Life; and if he flees, run after him. Surround him, confound him with love, so that he surrenders.'

''As I continued forming the wounds in My Body, beneath the flagellations I repeated: 'My wounds, do not remain with Me but search for man. Moreover, if you find him wounded by sin, place yourselves as seal to heal him.'

“Thus all that I did and said, I put around man to place him in safety. You also, for My Love, do not keep anything for yourself but make all run toward man so as to save him; and I will regard you as another Myself.”


October 8, 19 1 7

Jesus Continues the Redemption upon the Earth by Means of He Who Loves Him,Which Serves as a Humanity for Him.

Continuing in my usual state, and being in much pain, scarcely had my amiable Jesus come than He said to me:

“My daughter, all that which is done by Me is eternal. Thus My Humanity would not be suffering for only a time but even until the world ends. Moreover, as My Humanity in Heaven is not capable of suffering, I use the humanity of creatures, making them share in My pains, so as to continue My Humanity on earth. And this I did with justice, because, when I was on the earth, I incorporated into Myself all the humanities of creatures in order to place them in safety and to do everything for them. Now being in Heaven, I diffuse My Humanity in them, especially in he who loves Me. I diffuse My pains and all that My Humanity did for the good of souls led astray, in order to say to the Father: 'My Humanity is in Heaven but also on earth in the souls who love and suffer for Me.' Consequently, My satisfaction is always complete; My pains are always in act, because souls who love Me substitute for Me. Therefore, console yourself when you suffer, because you receive the honor of substituting for Me.”


October 20, 19 17

How the Soul Can Make ltself a Host for Jesus

Having received my Jesus in Holy Communion I thought to myself: how could I give love for Love? Moreover, it was impossible for me to be able to shrink myself, to reduce myself, as Jesus does in the Host for love of me. This is not in my power as it is in the power of Jesus. Then my Beloved Jesus said to me:

“My daughter, if you cannot squeeze yourself within the small circle of a Host for love of Me, you can very well shrink yourself completely into My Will so as to form the Host of Yourself in My Will. Every act that you do in My Will forms a Host for Me; and I will feed on you, as you will feed on Me. What does the Host form? My Life in the soul. What is My Will? Is it not all My Life? Thus you can make yourself a Host for love of Me. For however many additional acts you do in My Will, so many more Hosts will you form to give Me love for Love.”


October 23, 1917

The First Act that Jesus Did in Receiving Himself When He instituted the Eucharist. Italy is to be Invaded.

This morning, after having received Blessed Jesus, I was saying to Him:

“Jesus, my Life, tell me, what was the first act that You did when You received Yourself Sacramentally?”

Then Jesus said to me: “My daughter, the first act that I did was that of multiplying My Life into as many lives for as many creatures as can exist in the world. Thus each one would have a Life of Mine for himself alone, a Life that continually prays, thanks, gives satisfaction, and loves for him alone. How I also multiply My pains for each soul as if I had suffered for her alone, and not for others! In that supreme moment of receiving Myself, I gave Myself to everyone and to suffering My Passion in each heart so I could be able to conquer their hearts by way of pains and of love. Then giving all My Divinity, I came to take the dominion of all.

''But alas! My Love remains disappointed by many; and I wait with anxiety for loving hearts, who, receiving Me, unite with Me to multiply themselves in all, desiring and wanting what I want. In this way I can take at least from them what the others do not give Me, and receive the contentment of having them according to My desire and My Will.

“Therefore, My daughter, when you receive Me, do what I did; and I will thus have the contentment that at least there are two of us who want the same thing. ”

While He said this, Jesus was afflicted. Then I said: “Jesus, what is it that afflicts You so?

“Alas, alas, how the flood will inundate the countries! What evils! What evils! Italy is going through sad, very sad times. Come closer to Me, let's remain in agreement. Pray so that the evils are not worse.”

Then I said to Him: “Alas, my Jesus! And what will become of my country? You do not want my good as before, that, wanting my good, You spared them.”

Whereupon He, almost sobbing, said: “That is not true. I want your good.”


November 2, 1917

God has Chosen Italy as a Second Jerusalem, but in Chastisement for Its Sins It has been Invaded by Enemies.

Continuing in my state between privations, pains, and bitterness, especially for so many evils that are heard of, and for the entrance of foreigners into Italy, I begged good Jesus to stop the enemies; and I said to Him:

“Was this, perhaps, the flood that You spoke of in days past?”

Then good Jesus, coming, said to me: “My daughter, this was the flood that I told you about; and the flood will continue to flow and flow. The foreigners will come to invade Italy. For then, is it not true that this is much deserved? I had chosen Italy as a second Jerusalem. She in return, has ignored My laws and has refused Me the rights that she owes Me. Alas, I can say that she no longer behaves as a human but as a beast. Moreover, not even under the heavy scourge of war am I recognized, and she wants to ally herself with My enemy. She has justly deserved defeat, and I will continue to humiliate her even unto dust.”

Whereupon I, interrupting Him, said: “Jesus, what are you saying? My poor native land, how you will be lacerated! Jesus, mercy, stop the flow of foreigners!”

Then Jesus said to me: “My daughter, to My sorrow I must permit that the foreigners advance. You, because you do not love souls as I do, would want victory. But if Italy wins, it will be the ruin of souls. Their pride would arrive at such a level as to ruin that little remainder of good which is in the nation. She would be pointed out to the peoples as a nation that knows how to do without God.

“Alas, My daughter, the scourges will continue, the countries will be devastated. I will deprive them of everything. It will be the same for the poor and the rich. They have not wanted to know My Laws. Everyone has made themselves a god of the earth; and I, by depriving them of it, will make them recognize what the earth is. I will purify the earth with fire. The stench that she emits is so much, that I cannot tolerate her. Many will be thrown in the fire, and thus I will return the earth to its senses.

“It is necessary; I demand the salvation of souls. I have spoken to you of these scourges so many times before. The time has arrived, but this is not even all. Other evils will come. I will return the earth to her senses; I will return the earth to her senses!”

Whereupon I said to Him: “My Jesus, placate yourself. Enough for now.”

Then He: “Ah, no! You pray, and I will make the enemy less cruel.”


November 20, 1917

In Order to Save Souls God is Constrained to Destroy the Earth and the Beautiful Things that, as a Snare, Bind Man. Jesus Will Make Disappear the Sanctity of the Virtues in order to Make Reappear the Sanctity Living in the Divine Will.

Continuing my ever more sorrowful state, my always amiable Jesus comes and flees as lightning and does not even give me time to supplicate Him for so many evils that poor humanity endures, especially my dear native land. What a blow to my heart, the invasion of foreigners in her! I believe that Jesus had told it to me before, to have me pray. Then, if I pray to Him when He comes, He says: “I will be inexorable.”

Moreover, if I insist by saying to Him: “Jesus, don't You want to have compassion? Don't You see how the nations are destroyed, and the people remain naked and hungry? Alas Jesus, how hard You have become!” He responded to me:

“My daughter, the cities, the grandeur of the earth, do not matter to Me; but souls matter to Me. The cities, churches, and other things, after they are destroyed, can be rebuilt. In the Deluge, did I not destroy all? And afterwards, was not all rebuilt again? But souls, if they are lost, it is forever; there is not one who can give them back to Me again. Alas I cry over souls. Because the earth has ignored Heaven, I will destroy the earth. I will make disappear the most beautiful things which, as a snare, bind man.”

Whereupon I said to Him: “Jesus, what are you saying?”

Then He said to me: “Courage, do not be depressed! I will proceed. And you, come into My Will. Live in It so that the earth may no longer be your dwelling, but your dwelling be only Me; and thus you will be completely safe.

“My Will has the power of making the soul transparent. That which I do is reflected in her. If I think, My thought is reflected in her mind and turns into light. Moreover, her thought, as light, is reflected in Mine. If I look, if I speak, if I love, etc., as so many lights they reflect themselves in her, and she reflects herself in Me. Thus we are in continuous reflections, in perennial communication, and in reciprocal love.

“Further, since I am found everywhere, the reflections of these souls reach Me in Heaven, on earth, in the Sacramental Host, and in the hearts of creatures. Everywhere and always I give light, and light they send Me; love I give, and love they give to Me. They are My earthly dwellings where I take refuge from the nausea of the other creatures.

“Oh, how beautiful is living in My Will! It pleases Me so much that I will make disappear all the other sanctities, under whatever aspect of virtue, in the future generations. Furthermore, I will revive the Sanctity of living in My Will. These are and will be not human sanctities but Divine. Moreover, their Sanctity will be so high that, as Suns, they will eclipse the most beautiful stars of the Saints of the past generations. Therefore, I want to purify the earth because it is unworthy of these portents of Sanctity.”