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Apparitions of Jesus and Mary to Luisa Piccarreta


Apparitions, locutions of Jesus
I would like to bring to the attention of all the apparitions, visions, locutions of Jesus and the Virgin Mary to Luisa Piccarreta, the most privileged soul ever, after the Virgin Mary herself, to have walked this Earth. Jesus went so far as to tell her that in Heaven she will sit at His left hand, while His Mother would be on His right hand.

From the tender age of 3 until 10 years old, the devil attacked Luisa through apparitions and dreams as he sensed that God had special designs upon her that would bring great glory to God and a crushing defeat to his infernal kingdom. No matter how hard he tried, he could not get impure thoughts or affections to enter her. This was because Jesus told her in locution that even though God allowed Luisa to be conceived with Original Sin, its evil effects remained crushed and without life in her.The Virgin Mary came to her rescue by apparitions in her dreams and would chase the devil away.

At twelve years of age, a new period in her life began. She would spend several hours before the Blessed Sacrament after Communion. She would hear the interior voice of Jesus speak to her, especially at Holy Communion, sometimes reproaching her if she had not been good and attentive.

At thirteen years of age, while meditating on the sorrows of Jesus's Passion, she was so overcome by sorrow that she went out on the balcony to get a breath of fresh air. She then

witnesses an apparition of Jesus loaded with a heavy cross, being dragged now one way now another by a huge crowd of people. Short of breath and blood dripping all over His face,

Photo of Luisa Piccarreta.
Luisa Piccarreta

Jesus raised His eyes toward her, and begged her : “Soul, help Me!” Luisa returned to her room, crying tears profusely at how much Jesus was suffering.

Second apparition of Jesus
From that day forward she thirsted to suffer for love of Jesus. She then has a second apparition of the suffering Jesus, and is moved by grace to offer herself as a Victim, a state to which Jesus and the Virgin Mary were calling her.

At seventeen, Luisa begins to throw up her food, and to be intermittently confined to her bed. All of this puzzled her family, her doctors and the Priests who at first did not understand the mystical illness she was suffering from as part of her mission of voluntary Victim for the sins of

the world. From that point onward, until her death 65 years later, Luisa lived without food or water, but lived only on the Eucharist and the Divine Will.

At age twenty-two, Luisa remained permanently bedridden. On October 16, 1888, at the age of twenty-three, Luisa received the grace of the Mystical Espousal, and eleven months later, Jesus drew her out of her body and took her to Paradise where she saw an apparition of the Holy Trinity and the entire Celestial Court, and in whose presence she was bound to Jesus in Mystical Marriage.

A few days later on Earth, while receiving Holy Communion, Luisa, at age twenty-four, was given the Gift of the Divine Will, a grace far greater than the Mystical Marriage. At that moment, luisa lost her bodily senses, and her soul saw an apparition of the Holy Trinity, Who with one voice, said to her: “We are about to accept you as Ours and take possession of your soul.” While hearing this, Luisa saw the Holy Trinity enter into her and take possession of her heart, saying: “In your heart We will make Our permanent abode.” The Third Fiat of God begins in the soul of Luisa from that moment, and from that instant, the Kingdom of God begins to form its reign on Earth. It continues its development quietly and hiddenly in souls prepared by Mary, the Mother and Queen of the Divine Will.

Luisa’s cause for Beatification was opened by Rome in 1994.