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Book of Heaven in 36 Volumes Part 2


Knowledge of the Gift
In order to advance towards acquiring the Gift of the Divine Will permanently, Jesus tells us that we must ardently desire and know what the Gift really is. We can only grow in desire and knowledge by reading, studying, and re-reading the 36 volumes of the Book of Heaven. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to make these writings available to those interested regardless of the opposition. For this reason, I will be offering all 36 volumes in printed book format.

Book of Heaven

Vol. 1-3 printed.........$10.00 each
Vol. 4, 12, 19, 20 printed.............$20.00 each
Vol. 5 printed...............................$5.00
Vol. 6-10 printed..........................$10.00 each
Vol. 11, 14, 16, 17, 23, 24...........$15.00 each
Vol. 25-28 printed .......................$10.00 each
Vol. 29-30 printed .......................$15.00
Vol. 31-32 printed........................$10.00 each
Vol. 33-36 printed....................... $15.00 each

Note: The printed books are in 5½" X 8½" format, bound by plastic combs.

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To feel flow...in all the acts, the light, the divine strength, the life of My Will.

Know and feel with your senses
Now here are a few quotes from Volumes 31 to 34 where Jesus states that you will truly know and feel with your senses when you have received the Gift of His Divine Will permanently. Not only that but He promises to reveal Himself to you once you have the Gift.

Living in My Will
“Now living in My Will is really this: to feel flow in one’s whole being, in all the acts, the light, the divine strength, the life of my Will; because where there is not his working life, that act remains without life, without heat, without strength and divine light (Vol. 31 p.12).”

The true sign
"My daughter, the true sign to know whether the soul lives in my Will, is that everything that happens to her, every circumstance takes place in peace, because my Will is so perfect and holy that It cannot produce even the shadow of disturbance. So, if in contrasts, mortifications or bitterness, she feels disturbed, she cannot say that she is inside my Will. If she feels resigned and also disturbed, she can say, at most, that she is in the shadow of my Will; in fact, while being

outside of It, she is free to feel her own self, but not inside. (Vol. 8, July 17, 1907)

Continuous whisper and shout
Behold, therefore, the whispering and the
continuous shout that one feels who lives in our Will, they are the continuous calls that our Supreme Being makes to his beloved creature through his qualities. (Vol. 31, p. 101)

“This is our Divine commerce: We want her to give to us, and We give ourselves to her, in order to receive the life of the creature in Our Supreme Being. This exchange of life maintains the conversation: We make known who We are, We make them feel the ardent heartbeats, the love that consumes Us, how We love her, and want to be loved by her (Vol. 34, p. 66).”

“Now, you should know, that as the soul repeatedly and firmly decides to not live anymore of her will, but of Ours, her name becomes written in Heaven, with indelible characters of Light and she becomes enrolled in the Celestial militia, as heir and daughter of the kingdom of the Divine Will; but this is not enough for Our love, we confirm her in good, in a way that she will feel such horror for every slight sin, that she won’t be capable of falling anymore... (Vol. 34, p. 68).”

Sign of the divine operating
In fact, the sign of the divine operating is precisely this: to operate always - always, without ever ceasing."(Vol.26 May 16, 1929)