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Diary of the Divine Will Part 1


I really, really, really want to live fully in the Divine Will! I truly do! Does anyone want to join me?

I am writing the first installment of a diary of sorts, mapping out to you my daily adventures in the vast expanses of this largely uncharted realm of the Divine Will. Before I describe to you the place at which I've arrived, I must share with you where I've been for the last several years in terms of my quest for the Golden Fleece, the elusive prize of possession of the Gift of the Divine Will.

I was first introduced to Luisa's writings by a lady who handed me a pamphlet way back in 1991, shortly after I arrived in Miami Beach. I remember that the contents of the booklet were so good that I decided to find out all I could about this new spirituality. Shortly thereafter, I joined a local Divine Will group affiliated with the Sons of the Divine Will of St. Cloud, Florida, which held weekly meetings in the coordinator's home in North Miami, across the Intracoastal waters separating the island here and the mainland. That lasted about a year or so, and then abruptly came to an end when the group voted to expel me as member. The leader thought herself as a guru who was capable of spouting “wisdom” effortlessly and endlessly, and hence did not appreciate anyone questioning what she had to say.

I was on my own for the next few years until a group was formed right in Miami Beach; exactly on August 15, the very feast day of

the Divine Will! (talk about Divine approval for the group!) the first meeting was held, with about ten people attending. We never grew larger than about fifteen at any meeting after that. Gradually over the next several years, we lost member after member, until this past year there are only two of us left. I believe that the members never really understood what living in the Divine Will means. Perhaps none of us knew enough about the marvels of the Divine Will to properly explain it to the other members.

“Do you want that My Will reign and live in you as Life? If you truly want it, everything is done: Our Will forms Its Life”

It is only when we started reading the later volumes 31 to 34, that I really understood the wonders of God's Will, that I really developed the desire to read Jesus's anguished pleas that we live in His Will: “Moreover, if she [the soul] wants the Life of Our Will as hers —wanted, commanded by Us with so many sighs—if she truly wants it, she will have the Great Good of possessing Our Will as Life.” Luisa, after living in the Divine Will so many years, still was not convinced of the possibility of fully living in the Divine Will: “O power of the Divine Volition, how I would want to possess You as Life in my soul, to Live of You in order to not know any other life than Yours. But O! How very far I am from it; there is so much needed in order to arrive at Living of Divine Will.”
Jesus replies to her:

“Do you want that My Will reign and live in you as Life? If you truly want it, everything is done, because so much is Our Love and ardent desire that the creature possess Our Will as Life in order to let her live of It, that as her human will truly wants it, so Ours fills the human volition with Our Supreme Volition in order to form Its Life there, and live in her as in Its Own Center. If this could not be, the Sanctity of Living in My Volition would be a difficult and almost impossible sanctity, and I do not know how to either teach difficult things, nor do I want impossible things. Rather, it is My usual way to make easy, for as as it is possible for the creature, the most arduous things and the hardest sacrifices....Therefore, not too much is needed to Live of My Will; the too much is in the volition. If it decides, and strongly and perseveringly wants it, already she has conquered Mine and has made It hers (Vol. 33, Mar. 19, 1935).”

Even though Jesus assures us of how easy it is to live in the Divine Will, those aspiring to receive this Gift don't realize that it is absolutely necessary that they keep placing all their acts in the Divine Will all day long, minute after minute, otherwise they are continuing to live in their human will.

Jesus, in another place, confirms this by stating that for there to be Life, acts must be continuous and uninterrupted.This is the reason why, even after attending Divine Will conference after Divine Will conference, speaker after speaker, I have yet to see anyone that I can point out as truly living in