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The Gift of the Divine Will Part 2


of man, God decreed that the time for another new era of grace was dawning; that it was time to restore to man the gift of gifts, that of His Divine Will. Just as He chose to accomplish the Redemption through His Mother, the Virgin Mary, this time He chose another virgin, Luisa Piccarreta, to whom God gave this supreme gift of the Divine Will while she was only 24 years old, in 1889. Through Luisa, God wants to give this gift of the Divine Will to all who wish to receive it.

Just exactly how do we acquire this gift of the Divine Will? Well, Jesus spoke to Luisa on a regular basis for many years, dictating to her 36 volumes of writings on everything concerning His Divine Will, and the knowledge on how to live in this Divine Will thrice holy.

A firm decision in the Divine Will
In these volumes, Jesus explains that one must first desire the gift of the Divine Will with all our heart, seek to acquire the necessary knowledge by reading, studying, meditating on Luisa 36 volumes; and then make a firm decision to live only in the Divine Will, and to no longer give life to our human will.

Prevenient and Actual Acts
How does one do this? First, on arising, one must make the Prevenient Act, in which 1) one must enter into Jesus 2)transform oneself into Him 3) take all that we find in Him (Now you can find in Jesus the divine version of your life suspended in Him. Take it, make it one's own and offer it with Jesus

to the Father. You can do this repeatedly, not only for one's own life, but also repeatedly with everyone’s life); and then make the general intention of placing all one's acts of the day in the Divine Will, through the hands of the Virgin Mary and Luisa. Then, throughout the day, one must try to place all one's Actual Acts into the sea of His Divine Will.

Rounds in the Divine Will
One of the most effective ways of living in the Divine Will is to correspond to God in love for all that He created for love of us—which constitutes the first obligation of the creature — and which is the most pleasing to God, is the making of the Rounds of the soul in the Divine Will. This is a prayer that consists in visiting all the works of Creation and Redemption in order to gather together and make one's own all the love and divine qualities placed in each work and return them to God as acts of love, adoration, praise, reparation, recognition, and thanksgiving, while at the same time imploring that His Kingdom come, His Divine Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

One must desire, seek to acquire the knowledge,and make a firm decision to live only in the Divine Will."

This form of prayer is also called the Rounds of the Creation, Redemption, and Sanctification, and is said on a chaplet in which 24 meditations on this subject are said, accompanied by an Our

Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be, for each meditation. After each meditation, one also recites the aspiration, “Descend, O Supreme Will, and come to reign upon the Earth!” and “Pray for us, Queen of the Divine Will, so that the Divine Will reigns on Earth as it does in Heaven.”

Gift first given on loan
Each act that we place widens the circle of light in our soul, and moves us closer to acquiring the gift on a permanent basis. At first, God only gives the gift on loan, that is, in each act that we do He gives the gift only for that particular act, and takes it back until the next act that we place in the Divine Will. When we have performed a certain number of divine acts that He has pre-established, and He thinks that He can trust us with this gift, He then gives it to us permanently.

Divine Acts in the Divine Will
Then all our acts become divine acts. How is this possible? Well, Jesus told Luisa, that while He was on Earth, He lived each and every one of our lives, and redid our acts divinely, so that as we place our human act in His Divine Will, He bilocates His divine act into our human act, and so divinizes each act placed in His Divine Will. This divine act enters into the sphere of eternity, and will continue to give God perfect love, glory, adoration, praise and thanksgiving throughout eternity, and also will do good to all on Earth. Thus God’s goal in the creation of man is fulfilled: that man live in the place, order, and purpose, for which he was created, that he live in His Divine Will.