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Divine Will Intro: God a Trinity of Persons Part 1


I would like to introduce to you a very beautiful story about God and His Divine Will, and how this Divine Will wishes to reign on Earth as It does in Heaven. I will present this story in parts. Most of this is what we have come to know as a result of writings found in the 36-volume Book of Heaven and from those priests and laity, who have shared this knowledge with us.

In the beginning
In the beginning
, before all Creation came into being, was God. God is a Trinity of Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Their Persons are distinct; yet They are a perfect unity of oneness in Being, Essence, and Will. The highest and most beautiful thing that can be said of them is that they have but one Will among Themselves; thus, there is the most perfect unity, harmony, peace and delight. With the infinite powers of this Divine Will, the three Divine Persons continually produce new and increasing joys and happiness and delights among themselves.

Kingdom of the Divine Will
Their Kingdom is Their Divine Will—the same Kingdom that we pray to come to Earth when we recite the Lord's Prayer. This Divine Will is all spiritual. It is Life—pure Life—the Vital Principle of the Holy Trinity, one God. This Kingdom of the Divine Will produces everything for God. It produces all the attributes, the perfections, joys, delights, and happiness of the Holy Trinity.

This marvelous Trinity of three Divine Persons unified in one Divine Will is all Love.

The Will of the Father gives Life to Love and eternally generates His Only-Begotten Son so that the Father may see and know Himself. The Father is enraptured at this eternal sight of His Son; and the Son manifests and communicates all that He is to His Father. This mutual manifestation and communication of God to God is God, is total God-Love, and is the Holy Spirit. All this eternal activity of Love, of delight, in perfect unity and harmony, takes place in the ambience of Eternal Life—the Divine Will, the uncreated Kingdom of God!

The most Holy Trinity.
The most Holy and Blessed Trinity

Overflowing and bursting with so much Divine Love, this Most Holy Trinity wanted an outlet and a place to deposit this Love. But in whom should this Divine Love be deposited? Behold the purpose of Creation!

To fulfill this wish, God must create receptacles for His Divine Life and Love; and so was decreed the creation of man, body and soul. His soul would be made similar to God, made to His image and likeness. It would be intelligent and would have a will to give life to its activity. This will, human will, would be free to acknowledge and love Him, Who created it. God, all Love, all Divine Love, wanted to give Himself entirely to man, to be the Life of man, to ennoble man, to share His Divinity with him, going so far as to make man part of the Divine Family, and give to this beloved creature the power to enrapture his own Creator and to love his Creator, not with mere human love, but with Divine Love!

God shares His Divinity
How can this be? How is it that God can share His own Divinity with a creature and raise it to His own level? In order to do this, God, in His limitless Wisdom, Power, and Love, decided to crown His creature, man, with His Greatest Gift, His Divine Will, the Kingdom of God, which would be the Life of man as it is the Life of God, Himself! The human will of man would be inadequate on its own to enrapture man's Creator, nor would it be capable of loving the Creator with Divine Love.

Human will united to Divine Will
Behold the marvel of marvels: the human will of man, the creature, would be united to the Divine Will in such a way that the Divine Will would be the strength, the support, the