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Divine Will Intro: God Creates Man Part 2


food and the life of the human will! Without this perfect union of the two wills, like two candle flames brought together to form one flame alone, the human will, on its own, would be weak, vacillating, inconstant, and disordered—a miserable sight for God to see. No! Man must possess the Divine Will! And so it happened. God, three Persons in one Will, created Adam and Eve, and crowned these magnificent creatures with Their own Divine Will. Adam and Eve immediately became one family with the Blessed Trinity. They lived in Paradise. They possessed the very fullness of Divine Life, namely, the Divine Will itself, Fountain of all Grace and the Cause of all that exists. Adam and Eve possessed the Kingdom of Our Father within themselves. Their every movement enraptured their God, because all their activity was generated by the Divine Will which reigned in them and animated all that they did. Their human wills, absorbed in the Divine Will, continuously assented to this perfect freedom—the freedom of God, Who operated freely in them because they wanted and allowed Him do so. And God received all that He desired from His creatures.

Living one common Life with God
In their turn, they received everything from Him and had no need to pray for more. Man gave perfect love and glory to God in each breath and heartbeat, in every thought and action. How beautiful! Creatures are living one common Life with their Creator. All was perfect harmony. All was bliss and peace. All was perfect Love and Life. Every act of Adam and Eve was a speaking sun saying to
God, “I Love You! I adore You! I thank You! I praise You!”God creating Adam
God creating Adam

Immaculate creations
Adam and Eve were immaculate. They were immaculate creations, not conceived in a mother's womb, for they were created directly. They were the first humans; and they were created PERFECT, as was surely fitting, being the handiwork of a perfect God. Adam and Eve were capable of ruling with dominion over all. All was in harmony. There was no discord. And, because these first two human beings possessed a Will which was Divine, they were able to animate all Creation and give voice to all things—continually singing to the Creator in all things: “We Love You! We adore You! We thank You! We praise You!” The great vastness of space, which God had made to place the universe within, was constantly filled with this enchanting MUSIC. Oh! How beautiful was this sound to the hearing of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

Adam fails God’s test
God, however, really wants to know if we truly love Him, so he asks of us a test: to give up acting with our human will. To Adam and Eve, it was not to eat of the fruit of one tree in the Garden of Paradise, and they failed miserably in this test.

As a punishment, they not only lost the gift of His Divine Will, but all the other preternatural gifts. Adam lost his garment of light, his mind became obscured, and he became subject to various evil passions, and remained permanently wounded in his human nature. He could no longer perform divine acts, and he spent the rest of his life weeping over his sad fate.

God’s plan to restore gift
God, however, had a plan to restore this gift to man. First, He decreed that His Son, the new Adam, would take flesh, live, suffer and die to redeem man from this original sin.

This was accomplished through the cooperation of the new Eve, the Virgin Mary. But man had to merit this grace, and so it took the prayers, good works, and longings for the coming of the Messiah, by the patriarchs, prophets, and all the holy men and women, four thousand years to bring this about.

Almost six thousand years after the creation of man, God decreed that the time for another new era of grace was dawning; that it was time to restore to man the gift of gifts,