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Divine Will Intro: Adam and Eve, the first humans Part 3


of the ONE GOD, Eve failed her TEST by an elation of spirit, by vanity and pride, which blinded her prudence; for she did not pray to God to verify the serpent's story. She did not continue to love God above all things; and she lost the realization of her nothingness by the Pride, which sprang up within. She, likewise, lost her CROWN—the Gift of Divine Will—that cannot reign in a vessel of pride. Poor Eve, her human will was left alone to animate her. This human will was not intended by the Creator to operate separately from the Divine Will. On its own this human will is weak, vacillating, inconstant, and disordered.

Adam chose to please his wife Eve
So Eve, with a poor human will, separated from God, did take the fruit of the Tree which God had commanded her not to touch! This seems to be incredible: a creature that had been given everything, even the fullness of Divine Life, rejected the MOST LOVING GIVER. However, all would not have been lost if Adam, the first to be created, had corrected Eve and led her to repentance. But—alas! Adam, too, succumbed to pride and human respect. He, too, stopped loving God above all things. He preferred to please his wife rather than obey his Creator. Thus, the headlong plummet of our first parents— from the fullness of Divine Life to the depths of squalor. What madness! What an infinite loss! What a dolorous and most lamentable thing! All of nature wept. All of creation wept bitter tears. Their king and queen had lost their dominion. Disorder and disharmony had entered the Universe and sepulchral

silence descended everywhere. No longer would celestial music fill the Universe as before. The ideal of the Creator had been wrecked—but not forever.

Decree of Redemption and Sanctification
Behold Two Decrees of the Holy Trinity to set all aright again: the Decree of Redemption and the Decree of Sanctification. But man must first pay the just price of his perfidy. The children of Adam would not be able to inherit the supernatural Gifts bestowed upon the human race in Adam and Eve. The children would, instead, inherit the great loss.

The Redemption of man

Redemption only intermediate step
The Mercy of God is unfathomable and His Decrees are unchangeable. Man could be saved if he truly wished, and God would receive all the glory He deserved to receive from every creature. And, so it was that God decreed the Redemption of man and also the complete Sanctication of man. The Redemption would provide the way for man to live in God's grace and the Redeemer would open the gates of

Heaven to men. Yet, the weak human will could continue to reign in men. Whatever sanctity he would come to possess would be only a shadow of the original sanctity given to Adam and Eve and the sanctity possessed by Jesus and Mary. The sanctity of these four (and here we speak of Adam and Eve prior to their Fall) was the sanctity of the fullness of Divine Life, which is the sanctity of the Divine Will—the very Life of the Most Holy Trinity. So, at a later time, after the fruits of Redemption had developed among the generations and men had come to know the necessary truths, the Decree of Sanctification would come into effect at the precise hour appointed by the mysterious Wisdom of God. It is opportune here to point out that the doctrinal seed of this great reality is contained in Holy Scripture, but the clarity of the "HOW" of the unfolding of this eternal Decree would have to be made known to men when the propitious moment would arrive. So be it! Glory, honor, and thanksgiving to the King and Master of History!

Only God could restore Gift
Since man had lost something that was Divine, namely, the Gift of the Divine Will—the crowning glory of man—no mere man, nor even an Angel would be capable of regaining it and restoring it to mankind. It was necessary, therefore, that Someone Divine restore This Gift. It was the activity of humans which rejected and lost the Divine Gift; therefore, it was just and fitting that human activity be involved in the recovery of the Lost Gift. Behold the Prodigy of