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Divine Will Intro: Jesus the Word Part 4


Prodigies! The Someone Divine, necessary to restore the Divine Gift, would become man while remaining God!

Mary conceived with Divine Will
In the fullness of time, Jesus the Word would become Incarnate, taking flesh from a most singular and exquisite Virgin. But never could the Eternal Son of God descend from the royal palace of His Kingdom, the Kingdom of His Father's Will, to the womb of this Virgin should He find in Her the human Will reigning. He must find His Father's Kingdom reigning in Her. Behold the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary! Not only was She preserved from the inheritance of Original Sin and its consequences, but She was conceived with the Gift of the Divine Will, which alone reigned in Her soul and body, making Her one with the Holy Trinity. Mary possessed the Divine Life to the highest and maximum degree possible for a mere creature. Mother of God She is! Mother and Queen of the Divine Will She is!

Jesus came to regain the lost Gift
And so, the God-Man, Jesus, was born of Mary. He came to redeem mankind. He came to open once again the gates of Heaven to the human creatures. And best of all, He came to regain the Lost Gift, the Grand Gift of the Divine Will, which Adam and Eve had lost for themselves and all their children.

The Divine Will alone operated in Jesus
Jesus was conceived by the Power of the

Most High in the womb of Mary. And like us, His brothers and sisters in this race of humans, grew for nine months in His Mother's womb. He was born and whimpered and cried. He was fully human though internally God; and He took unto Himself human activity in order to ennoble and divinize it, rendering it most pleasing in the sight of His Father and our Father. As an infant, He nursed from His Mother's breast and did the things of an infant. As a child, an adolescent, a youth, and an adult, He likewise did the things proper to those ages of His sojourn on earth. He, Jesus, did all this human activity with a Divine Will which alone reigned and operated in Him.

Luisa Piccarreta
Luisa Piccarreta

Never for an instant did He let His human will reign but only used it to assent always to the reigning and operating Divine Will which animated all that He did. In this manner, Jesus regained for the human race the lost Kingdom of the Divine Will which would be given back to man at the proper hour in history.

The Reign of the Divine Will
This most glorious hour of history would unfold in the era of the Third Fiat of God, and this is none other than the Reign of the Divine Will on earth as in Heaven and the fulfillment of the eternal Decree of Sanctification.

We will speak of this a little more below. For now, let us consider the Glory of the Father and the lost glory He should have received from all humans in all generations in every instant of their existence. How can it be that this Good God should not be glorified as He deserves?! Why creation at all if this God not be glorified in the most perfect manner possible?

Jesus redid all our lives divinely
Jesus, the Eternal Word is also Man. And being the God-Man with a reigning and operating Divine Will, He was not limited to the time of His visible presence on earth. He could penetrate into all times and all places and into the humanities of all men—past, present, and future. Jesus, by the Power of this Divine Will, which is the Fountain of all Graces and Blessings, was able to give His Father all the perfect glory which the human generations had failed to give Him.

Jesus did this by entering into the lives, thoughts, actions and instants of all men—past, present, and future. He redid them all in the Divine order and gave His Father all the lost "I loveYou! I adore You! I thank You! I praise You!" which everyone would have continuously given Him had