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The Gift of the Divine Will Part 5


Adam and Eve remained loyal to God and faithful to their most noble calling, and had all generations lived in the Divine Will on earth as the Holy Trinity lives in the Divine Will in Heaven! This was the Ideal of God in the beginning: His images would have His likeness to the highest possible degree and there would be one Family with one Will in perfect peace, unity, and harmony on earth and in Heaven. But—alas! There has been a continuous war between the human will and the Divine—a war which must end!

As we well know, Jesus suffered and died to save men from their sins and to open Heaven to those who would love Him and do His Father's Will.

Kingdom of God is the Divine Will
Above all, Jesus was preoccupied with the Kingdom of His Father's Will. Do not the Sacred Scriptures show us that Jesus' very first preaching was to announce that the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand? Were not all His parables about the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of God? Yet, He had to speak in parables and not plainly. He only revealed the secrets of this Kingdom to His apostles in private; and for forty days after His Resurrection He appeared to them and spoke of the Kingdom of God.

The Sanctity of God Himself
In the Wisdom of the Father, before which all men must bow their heads in all humility, it was decreed that the Lost Kindom of the Divine Will, regained by Jesus while He was upon the earth, should not be returned to

men right away—but must await the appointed hour of God. Like a tree, the Church established by Jesus would have to grow a trunk, put forth branches, foliages, and blossoms. Then — behold! The Fruit bearing within it the seeds of life would be given! And this Fruit is none other

Photo of Luisa Piccarreta.
Luisa Piccarreta

than the Sons and Daughters of the Divine Will in whom God would realize His Ideal in creating man.

The Sanctity He would give these Sons and Daughters of the Divine Will would be His own Sanctity. The Sanctity would shine as the sun in comparison to which all the other sanctities would appear as far-away stars. These most fortunate Sons and Daughters of the Divine Will would imitate in a most real manner the hidden, interior, Divine Life of Jesus! Almost unknown in the world, these souls will live in the ambience of Eternity, even while on earth; they

will work with God, in God, in all that He does. They will give to their Triune Creator Divine Love, and they will enrapture Him and all of Heaven and make possible the fulfillment of hidden decrees of God.

Hour of God for Kingdom to come
So, from this we see the immense importance of Jesus' Great Prayer to the Father: "...Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done on earth AS it is in Heaven!" Whatever Jesus asks of His Father is a fact accomplished. Only the passing of time must await the Hour of God. So, Jesus' prayer is a most certain prophecy and nothing can impede it. At the Last Supper, Beloved Jesus vents His Sacred Heart's desire again. He prays to the Father: "That they all may be one, as Thou, Father, in Me, and I in Thee; that they also may be one in Us"—the very manner in which He had created our first parents, Adam and Eve!

Oneness with God only in His Will
So we see quite clearly that the oneness in God that Jesus requests for mankind is the oneness that can be possible only by sharing the very Divine Will of God. This Gift of the Divine Will makes us one with the Trinity, one with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In no other way is such perfect oneness possible, nor is anything less worthy of the infinite Goodness of God.

All Creation an I love you! from God
Every blade of grass is an "I love you!" from God to us. Every snow flake that falls, every