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Divine Will Introduction Part 6


drop of dew, every twinkling of a star is an “I love you!” from the Creator to His beloved creatures. Every warbling of a bird, every passing butterfly, and every morning sunrise; every darting of a fish, rustling of the leaves in the wind and change of contour in the clouds above is an “I love you!” from the Eternal One. And on and on: torrents upon torrents of “I love you's” in each instant. One would almost have to cover one's eyes and ears to muffle the deafening shouts of “I love you's” coming as they do from everywhere. Must God become a beggar of love, pleading for the smallest “I thank You” in return?

3 great purifications of the Earth
The first period of time with a great purification: the Great Deluge. Man blindly and willfully refused to love his Creator. It became expedient to cleanse the world of the “noxious plants” so that new ones could come and grow healthy in the reciprocal love of God. Noah and seven others were selected from the many; and, in the hands of God, they began the regeneration of the race of humans.

Purification of Deluge of Blood
The second period of time ended with another purification: the copious shedding of the Precious Blood of the God-man, Jesus. The world, having again become exceedingly wicked and perverse, was bathed in this Blood to open a third period of time, a new era: one of Grace, which produced abundant fruit, and great knowledge and love of God by many souls. Some of these souls, the

Saints, reached such a beauty that they became the fragrant and lustrous blossoms upon the great Tree of the Church planted by the Savior while He lived visibly among men 2,000 years ago.

Purification by fire
The third period of time now quickly approaches its conclusion. Again, incredibly, in spite of so much Love and Grace given to men by their Triune God, hearts have rejected so much goodness and have turned hard.

Charity has grown cold—very cold. Another purification of universal magnitude looms ahead—one of heat which will burn away all that is not of God. And then a most glorious new era will arrive. In fact, the seeds of this new era of Divine Sanctity have already been sown and are sprouting among us. This new period corresponds to the period of Jesus' time on earth after His Death and Resurrection.

A renewed Church
In this new era a resurrected Church, renewed and resplendent and fully universal, will fulfill the original Ideal of our Creator. And God will receive His greatest glory from men. The Great War of the human will against the Divine Will will come to a stop. It seems that this final period in which the Will of God is done on earth as in Heaven will be shorter than the first three periods and may be called half-a-time. In the language of Sacred Scripture these periods might be summed up as “A time, times, and half-a-time.”
Creation is identified with the Father.

Redemption is identified with the Son. And finally, Sanctification is identified with the Holy Spirit.
Sanctification: goal of Creation
Let it be clearly understood that this work of Sanctification is not to produce mere human sanctity in the souls of men by which they are empowered by Grace to carry out good works more or less pleasing to God. No! This work of Sanctification will be the fulfillment of the Purpose of Creation. Men will be gifted with a Divine Sanctity, the very fullness of Divine Life as originally possessed by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Overlooking everything, with unsurpassable forgiveness and generosity, the Good God will give as Gift His own Divine Will once again to men.

He will choose little and unknown souls for the most part. These hidden souls, unknown to the world, like the young Virgin in Nazareth, will be portents of marvels, enrapturing their very Creator and all of Heaven with their acts all done in and by a Divine Will which knows no limits.

We could go on from this point forever, because there is a great vastness of marvels to speak of concerning the Third Fiat of God. Rather, let us close with an invitation to enter into the Kingdom of the Divine Will. The knowledge of this Kingdom is available through the writings of the 36-volume “Book of Heaven,” which in the Providence of God reveals so clearly the “How” of the living in the Will of God on earth as in Heaven. So be it! Thanks be to God!