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Divine Will Prayers Part 1


Prevenient Act
“Most Holy Trinity, I thank and praise You for this new day. Setting my will in Yours, I affirm I want only to live and act in Your Will. Thus, making my “Prevenient Act,” I set all my acts of the day in order in You. (Vol. 14: May 27, 1922)

Good morning, Blessed Mother. I love You. Come, help me offer my first act of the day as an act of love in the Divine Will of God.

Dear Jesus, I desire to fuse myself to Your holy, adorable and Divine Will. I tie these and all my acts to each and every act that the creatures who live in the Divine Will of God have, will, and are doing, unto the last one that will be completed upon the earth. I love You, I adore You, I bless You, I praise You, and I thank You with Your Will. Amen!

Morning Prayer in the Divine Will
As our eyes open to the light of day, let us make our whole being rise in the Light of the Will of God, and let us begin our Rounds.

The first act must be an act of love in the Divine Will. Let us make this act diffuse in all intelligences of the creatures, in all gazes, in the words, in the motion, in the steps, in the heartbeats, in each breath.

Then let us bind all of these acts of ours with those done by Adam in the Holy Will of God, with those that the creatures who will live in the Divine Will will do, up to the last one that will be done on Earth.

Let us take all this love spread throughout Creation and make it our own, and then let us offer it to our Creator.

Let us rise a little higher, then, into Creation. For love of the creature God created the sun, the stars, the sea, the earth, the birds, the flowers; and we, let us take all this love spread throughout Creation and make it our own, and let us offer it to our Creator as so many acts of homage, of love, of blessings and of praises.

And now, let us go higher up there in Paradise. Let us go through all the Angels and through all the Saints; let us unite ourselves with the whole celestial Court, and let us give an act of love to Jesus for all and for each one.

Then, let us draw near the Virgin, our dear Mother. She is ready to give us all of Her merits as gift, and we with the confidence of children, let us take all that She has done, from the very first moment of Her Conception up to Her last breath, and let us offer it to our God as if everything were our own.

And then let us go to the Word, and ask Him to let us take part in all of His acts: His Conception, His birth, the flight to Egypt, the thirty years of his hidden life, the three years of His public life, His Passion, His death, His Ascension into Heaven. He has done all this for us; let us make it our own, and let us offer it to the Sacrosanct Trinity. Only in this way, miserable creatures as we are, can we offer the most complete and holy act, because in this way the creature gives nothing of her own, but gives back to God all the glory that comes to her from what He Himself

has done.

Luisa's prayer to bring Jesus to her
O Jesus, come, give me your hand; let me enter into your Holy Will, that I may fill the whole atmosphere, the blue Heaven, the Light of the Sun, the air, the sea, everything — everything, with my “I Love You”, with my kisses; so that, everywhere You may be, if You look, You may look at my “I Love You” and at my kisses; if you hear, You may hear my “I Love You” and the smacking of my kisses; if You speak and breathe, You may breathe my "I love You" and my anguishing kisses. If You work, may my “I Love You's” flow in your hands; if you walk and tread the ground may my “I Love You”and the roaring of my kisses be under your steps... May my “I Love You” be the chain that draws You to me, and may my kisses be the powerful magnet that, whether You want it or not, force You to visit the one who cannot live without You.” (Volume 16, August 1, 1923)

Luisa's goodnight to Jesus in
the Blessed Sacrament

O my Jesus, celestial Prisoner, the sun is now setting, the darkness invades the earth, and you remain alone in the Tabernacle of love. I seem to see You there in an air of sadness for the loneliness of the night, because You don't have around You the crown of your sons and of your tender spouses, who may at least keep You company in this voluntary imprisonment.