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Divine Will Prayers Part 3


O dear Prisoner of love, bind me with your chains, seal me with your love. Please, show me your beautiful face. O Jesus, how beautiful You are! Your blond hair braids and sanctifies all my thoughts; your calm forehead, even in the midst of many insults, gives me peace and puts me in perfect calm, even among the greatest storms, my privations of You, and your fusses, which cost me my life. Ah, You know it, but I move on; my heart will tell You this, for it knows how to say it better than me.

O Love, your azure eyes, sparkling with divine light, sweep me to Heaven and make me forget the earth but, alas, with my greatest pain, my exile continues yet.

Hurry, hurry, oh Jesus. Yes, You are beautiful, O Jesus; I seem to see You in that Tabernacle of love. The beauty and the majesty of your face enamors me and makes me see Heaven; your gracious mouth lightly places its ardent kisses every instant. Your gentle voice calls me and invites me to love every moment; your knees sustain me; your arms clasp me with an indissoluble bond, and I will impress my burning kisses, thousands upon thousands, on your adorable face.

Jesus, Jesus, may our will be one, one our love, one our happiness. Never leave me alone, because I am a nothing, and the nothing cannot be without the all. Will You promise me, oh Jesus? It seems that You say Yes. And now, bless me, bless all; and together with the angels, the saints, the sweet Mama and all the creatures, I will say to You:

‘Good morning, O Jesus, good morning.’

Now, after I wrote these prayers, written here under the influence of Jesus, as the night was approaching, Jesus showed me that He was keeping this ‘goodbye’ and ‘good morning’ inside His Heart, and He told me: “My daughter, they really came out of my Heart. Whoever will recite them with the intention of being with Me as it is expressed in these prayers, I will keep her with Me and in Me, to do anything I do. Not only will I warm her with my love, but I will increase my love towards that soul every time, admitting her to the union with the Divine Life and with my own desires to save all souls.”

I desire Jesus in my mind, Jesus in my lips, Jesus in my heart; I want to look only at Jesus, feel only Jesus, squeeze myself only to Jesus. I want to do everything together with Jesus; play with Jesus, cry with Jesus, write with Jesus; without Jesus I don't even want to breathe. I will stay here like a fussy little child and do nothing, so that Jesus may come to do everything with me, content to be his toy, abandoning myself to his love, to his chastisements, to his concerns and to his loving jokes, provided that I do everything with Jesus.

See, O my Jesus? This is my will, and You won't move me, did You hear? So now come and write with me.

Offering of the will to the Celestial Queen
Sweetest Mother, here I am prostrate before Your throne. I am Your little child who wants to give you all my filial love; and, as Your child,

I want to interlace all the little flowers, the exclamations, my promises that I have made so many times in this month of graces of no longer doing my will; and forming a crown, I want to put it in Your lap as proof of love and thanksgiving to my Mother.

But that is not enough; I want You to take it in Your hands as a sign that You accept my gift; and at the touch of Your maternal fingers convert it for me into so many suns, at least for as many times as I have sought to do the Divine Will in my little acts.

Ah, yes, Queen Mother, Your child wants to give You the homages of light and of most refulgent suns. I know that You have so many of these suns, but they are not the suns of Your child. Indeed, I want to give You mine in order to tell You that I love You and to engage You to love me.

Holy Mother, You smile at me and in all goodness You accept my gift; and I thank You heartily. But I want to say so many things to You; I want to enclose my pains, my fears, my weaknesses and all my being in Your maternal Heart as in a place of refuge for me. I want to consecrate my will to You.

Ah, O my Mother, accept it; make it a triumph of grace and a field where the Divine Will may extend Its Kingdom! Thus my will consecrated to You will make us inseparable and will keep us in continual rapport. The doors of Heaven will not be closed to me because, having consecrated my will to You, You will give me Yours in exchange. So, O