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God wants to divinize you! Part 1


God wants to divinize you!
This is and always was God’s plan from the beginning! God loves us so much that He wants to raise us up to His own divine level – that is, that our acts be godlike like His own. For this to happen, God must enter and operate in the act of the creature. We, by ourselves, are nothing. God can only operate in us if we acknowledge our nothingness and invite Him to do His Divine Acts from within the field of our emptied human will – emptied of all that is human.

Man was never meant to operate in his human will. In Genesis, it says that God created man in His image and likeness. We have retained God’s image – that is, we possess three Godlike faculties of the soul, free will, intellect, and memory; but through Adam’s sin we lost our likeness to God. Before the Fall, God operated directly in Adam and Eve’s souls such that each act that they did was divine and perfect; it was perfectly pleasing to God and gave Him perfect glory. Every one of their acts was greater than all the human acts of creatures from the beginning of the world to its end. God knew that only creatures operating like Him could truly love as He deserves.

For this reason, God created our original parents in the idyllic Garden of Eden, all clothed in splendor in a garment of light, rich with the preternatural gifts of integrity, immortality and infused knowledge; freedom from suffering and disease, but especially crowned with gift of the Divine Will. This is the gift of divine life, in which God truly

resides in the soul, as a King in His own Palace, operating in the creature as He operates in Heaven. But, alas, Adam lost this happy state, all through disobedience! Even though God withdrew this gift from Adam and Eve and from the human race for the last six thousand years, He never abandoned His original plan that man live in His Will.

First, as He had promised to Adam and Eve, He would send a Redeemer to begin the process of restoring man to his original state. Through the Sacraments of the Church, man was given a heavenly medicine to overcome his cankered nature, especially through the Holy Eucharist,

in which God dwells in our souls truly and substantially for about fifteen minutes.

But God loves us so much that He wants to give us Himself not only at Holy Communion but continually and permanently. When He gives us His Will, He gives us everything that He is: His very Divine Life. We at this point begin One Life in common with Him, doing everything together, more than any couple living in the married state.

God bilocates Himself in our acts
When we perform an act in His Holy Will, He actually bilocates Himself in that act, and creates a Divine Act that contains Himself as really and truly as when He creates Himself in each Host during the Consecration at Mass. This act never dies and will give complete and perfect glory to God, and will continue to do good to all creatures in time and in eternity. God and all of His angels and saints wait in breathless anticipation for this solemn act wherein God re-creates Himself in each of our acts; the Word becomes Flesh Luisa Piccarreta

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