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God wants to divinize you! Part 2


just as He took Flesh in the womb of the Virgin Mary at the Annunciation. We, like Mary, pronounce our little Fiat in each act that we do, and Jesus becomes incarnated each time in our act.

The “I love you's” of God
Besides giving us Himself, God gave us all of Creation as our earthly inheritance. Everything in Creation is constantly saying to us in silent language an “I love you” from God. The twinkling stars repeat “I love you” with each twinkle. The light and heat from the sun that enlightens, guides, and warms us are “I love you’s” from the Divine Will. The cool refreshing breezes of the wind are “I love you’s” from God. The flowers are strokes of the Divine Paintbrush to embellish and gladden our lives. The chirping of the birds is God serenading us with love songs. The Divine Will personally brings us the raindrops cupped in Its hands to provide us with drink and refreshment.

God provides for our bodily nourishment with an endless variety of fruits and vegetables. The air itself sustains our bodily life at every instant with each act of breathing, a perfect symbol of the Divine Will which sustains our life even more than the air. This never-ending Divine Symphony of “I love you’s” can only be understood, appreciated and loved by one who lives in God’s Will.

Jesus’ love is so great for us that He practically suffocates in His loving flames.

He wants to give us the gift of His Will, but He cannot give to us unless we are properly disposed to receive it. To be properly disposed, we must understand who God is, what treasures of love, wisdom, joy, and happiness He wishes to give us. In order to appreciate these gifts, we must possess the knowledge of His Will; this knowledge will whet our appetite to desire to have and take possession of the gift of His Will.

"Our human will becomes weaker. Our palate becomes refined; we gradually lose the taste to act in a human way."

The more ardently we desire the gift, the more acts we will place in His Will, and the more acts we do, the more the globe of light, the Life and Light of God, is expanded in us, and our human will, which induces us to perform human acts, becomes weaker. Our palate becomes refined; we gradually lose the taste for acting in a human way.

God's real children
In fact, God can only give in abundance of His gifts to those with the gift of His Will. To the others, He gives in meager amounts. Only those who live in His Will are His real children; the others who only do His Will are merely servants who only earn a daily subsistence wage in spiritual pay.

God's presence felt even physically

When one fully lives in the Divine Will, one will feel the Divine Presence in his body and soul. One will feel God in one’s breathing, in one’s heartbeat, in one’s acts, in one’s prayers –in everything. That is the ultimate sign that one has the Gift of the Divine Will.

God longs for an echo to His “I love you’s.” This is done by our returning our “I love You” to Him with His own love, – that is with His Holy Will. But, alas, God waits in vain for this correspondence to His “I love you.”

Volumes the road map to the Gift
To acquire this knowledge of His Will, we must read and study the volumes that Jesus gave to Luisa. The whole purpose of Creation was so that we live in God’s Will. The Volumes are the road map to acquiring this most precious of all gifts. Let us then set out on this road of Light and Life so as to make the prayer of Jesus a reality: “Thy Kingdom come; Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!”