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How to Live in the Divine Will


Divine Will to reign on Earth
The late Pope John Paul II in May 1997 spoke of a “New and Divine Holiness” for the Third Millennium of Christianity, which will bring the Church her greatest glory! This new era will be none other than the Reign of the Divine Will and will be the fulfillment of Christ's Prayer that God's Divine Will reign on Earth as it does in Heaven.

God's plan: live in His Divine Will
From the beginning it was God's plan that man live within His Divine Will, a state in which man possesses God and is in turn possessed by God. God's Divine Will is His very Life, the substance of His Being, His happiness, His all. However, Adam and Eve, when tested, chose to do their will instead of the Divine Will and so lost the gift of the Divine Will. However, God did not totally abandon His plan to have man live in His Divine Will after Adam and Eve's Fall, but decided to restore this gift gradually by decreeing two more Fiats: that of the Redemption and the Sanctification of man.

The history of God's Plan for human Creation can thus be divided into the three following Works or Fiats of His Divine Will:
1) Creation
God pronounced this Fiat Himself, which effected the creation of the universe and the creation of man. This began with God's first words: “Fiat Lux (Let there be light!).”
2) Redemption
To effect this Fiat, it was necessary that the creature Mary pronounce Her Fiat Mihi (Let it be done to me according to Thy word).

This Decree promulgated the Incarnation of the Word, His Passion, Death and Resurrection.
3) Sanctification

This Fiat restores the gift of the Divine Will to man and accomplishes the fullness of Redemption and the perfect glorification of God. This Fiat is also pronounced by the creature: first by Luisa Piccarreta, then by each and every one who chooses to live in the Divine Will in each and everyone of his acts. This brings about the reign of God's Divine Will in us just as His Divine Will reigns in the Blessed in Heaven.
Photo of Luisa Piccarreta.
The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, the privileged recipient of the Divine Will revelations from Jesus, shown here in the state of ecstasy.

Enter Jesus; transform into Him
One need only to desire this gift of the Divine Will, and chose to no longer give life to his will; Jesus will do all the work. One sacrifices one's will by acting as if Jesus wants to do the act in us: It is Jesus who wants to pray, to eat, to sleep. When one gets up in the morning the first thing one should do is to enter Jesus and transform oneself into Him, taking all His acts and making them one's own, and then going out to all creatures, one gives Jesus' Divine Life to each creature. Then one returns to Jesus to give Him, in the name of everyone, the Glory that they should be giving Him, praying, excusing them, making reparation and loving Jesus for them.

Fuse one's will with Divine Will
God intended man to live so closely united with Him that he would fuse his will with that of God's Divine Will in all his acts. The soul recognizes its utter nothingness, such that it feels incapable of acting alone. It wishes to act only in union with its Beloved.

Summon Divine Will to enter act
One can invite God to act with us and in us by the simple formula: Come, Divine Will, to think in my mind, Come, Divine Will, to breathe in my breathing, etc. Come, Divine Will, in my eating; come, Divine Will, in my driving; come, Divine Will, in my sleeping. One calls down God's Divine Will as the main actor within us regardless of how little the act one is engaged in. Summon the Divine Will to enter into every act one does, and that act becomes divine. Jesus' acts in His Divine Will remain suspended within His Divine Will awaiting one's corresponding acts in His Divine Will and they immediately fuse with one's act to make it perfect. A few minutes of acting within His Divine Will are worth centuries of acts done with one's human will.

Rounds of Soul in the Divine Will
It is the creature's first duty to correspond in love with its little love, its gratitude, for all the things that God in His Divine Will has done in our behalf. This is done by making the Rounds of the Soul in the Divine Will. One does this by going to all things created by God's Divine Will, to imprint its correspondence of love, of glory, of praise for everyone and in the name of all.