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There has never been anyone like Luisa Piccarreta


Excluding Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Mother Mary Most Holy—Who are in a league all of Their own—there is no one that can even remotely compare to the privileges and graces bestowed on Luisa Piccarreta by Almighty God. To even provide an adequate summary of the incredible gifts accorded to Luisa, the Little Daughter of the Divine Will, is a most daunting task; nevertheless, I will try to present to you some of these prerogatives:

1)Jesus Himself tells Luisa Piccarreta that He has chosen two Virgins for the two greatest Missions on Earth: His Mother to accomplish the Redemption of mankind, and herself, Luisa Piccarreta, for the establishment of the Kingdom of the Divine Will on Earth, and that corresponding to the greatness of these Missions, in Heaven, Luisa Piccarreta would sit on Our Lord's left hand, while His Mother would sit on His right.

2) Luisa Piccarreta is chosen among all mortals to be the first after Adam and Eve, Jesus and Mary, to be given the Gift of the Divine Will, in addition to that of the Mystical Marriage.

3) Luisa Piccarreta is chosen as the secretary to Our Lord in receiving from His mouth the sublime Teachings on the Divine Will in 36 volumes in a similar way to Moses receiving the Ten Commandments from God on Mt. Sinai. It is God's wish that these Writings be received by the Church on an equal footing with the Old and New Testament.

4)Even though God allowed Luisa Piccarreta to be conceived with Original Sin, its evil effects remained crushed and without life in her (Luisa Piccarreta).
5) Luisa Piccarreta was chosen after Heaven had scoured the Earth for the smallest (humblest) soul.
6) Jesus told Luisa Piccarreta that she had a direct link with the Holy Trinity, as if attached to Them by an umbilical cord; those who wish to receive the Gift of the Divine Will must be attached to Luisa Piccarreta in the same way.

Photo of Luisa Piccarreta.

 Luisa Piccarreta   

7) Jesus told Luisa Piccarreta that just as there is the Holy Trinity in Heaven, so on Earth, Jesus, Mary, and Luisa Piccarreta form the earthly Trinity.
8) Jesus loved Luisa Piccarreta so much that

He came to visit her several times a day almost every day for the sixty-four years that she (Luisa Piccarreta) was confined to bed.

9)Luisa Piccarreta frequently received hugs and kisses, and other signs of affection from Our Lord, which, I believe, He did not do for other favored souls.
10) Luisa Piccarreta was taken out of her body by Jesus, and with her soul Luisa Piccarreta flew through the universe, and even visited Heaven, where Luisa Piccarreta was presented to the Holy Trinity and the Angels and Saints.
11) Jesus told Luisa Piccarreta that after the Virgin Mary, she we would be our second mother.
12) Luisa Piccarreta was given the gift of living on the Holy Eucharist and the Divine Will for 64 years, not eating or drinking anything.
13) Luisa Piccarreta was also given the gift of the stigmata; however, it remained invisible at her (Luisa Piccarreta’s) own request.
14) Luisa Piccarreta was a victim soul who suffered more than any other human being on Earth, with the exception of Jesus and Mary.
15) Luisa Piccarreta was under the spiritual direction of 5 different Bishop-appointed confessors, who had to revive her each morning through a blessing. Luisa Piccarreta remained in a state of suspended animation until a priest freed her (Luisa Piccarreta)  from this state through the blessing.