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Padre Pio, Luisa Piccarreta, and the Divine Will Part 3


give some money to Andrea Magnifico to buy the equipment to print the books of Luisa? And he again: ‘Yes!’ So I understood that it was really the Will of God to have the writings printed...and we did it.

Question — In which year did Federico start these conferences?

AP — Before I came, in 1945, he had already started with another group.

Question — So, Luisa was still alive?

AP — Yes, Luisa was still living.

Question —So, you started during the 50’s?

AP —Yes, I started from the 50’s to talk about Luisa in my home to my guests. All were enthusiastic about this spirituality of the Divine Will.

Question — Who were some of the other souls? You and who else?

AP— There was a certain Giulietta Marchi from Bologna. She was very happy. Jesus spoke to this beautiful soul. She died all of a sudden, after many years in which we were going together to Abresch. Before dying, she told me: ‘Adriana, you must get some tapes and record all that Abresch says, because in the future you will have to talk about this spirituality. The Lord wants this, because He wants to free us from the misery of the human will, in order for us to live in a divine manner!

Question — Tell us about Andrea. When did you meet him?

AP — Andrea Magnifico from Milan came to my home to “change air.” I told him that we were going to listen to Abresch who spoke about the spirituality of a certain Luisa from Corato, who lived in bed for many years, and that the spirituality that Jesus taught to Luisa was so sublime and so great that we felt that were living in Heaven, no longer on earth! He said: ‘I want

St. Padre Pio

to come and listen’ And after he came, he said: ‘Oh, finally! I had asked St. Joseph to let me know if there was something, in the spiritual life, much greater than the things I knew. And here it is! St. Joseph is now letting me discover this great novelty, much greater than anything else.

Question — So he started to make copies of the books?

AP— Yes, he started with photocopies, which we gave to many people, and we started to distribute them also to Priests and others. Many souls followed them and were very happy about

these spiritual lessons which Jesus had given to Luisa, and which — through Luisa — we were able to know.

Question — Are there other things that you remember that Padre Pio said about the Divine Will? Did you talk with Padre Pio about Luisa?

AP — Yes, I asked him if it was a good thing to get a recorder in order to tape the writings of Luisa, and he said: ‘Yes!’ After this other positive answer, I went to Milan to get it.

Question So he was aware of this?

AP — Yes, yes, yes, very much... Even more, among the young people who came to Abresch to listen to the lessons on the Divine Will, one of them told us that he went to Confession to Padre Pio, asking him: ‘Father, is it true that the Blessed Mother is Great not because She has been the Mother of God, for her virginity, her being Immaculate, but because — as Luisa says in the writings — She never did Her human will, but only and exclusively the Will of God?’ Padre Pio answered: ‘Yes, my son, this is the truth! This is the truth!’ And he continued:
‘Father, allow me to ask you one more thing. Is it true that Jesus would have remained on the Cross even till the end of the world in order to save humanity? And that His Cross is just as long as the centuries, and just as large as humanity?’ And Padre Pio: ‘Yes, my son, this is the truth! This is the truth!’ And he said: ‘Father, please, can we hug each other?’ And they hugged.