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Padre Pio, Luisa Piccarreta, and the Divine Will Part 4


Question Adriana, you have been reading about this spirituality, teaching it to many people, for years. What does this spirituality of Luisa mean to you?
AP — It means that as we give to the Lord our own will, and we no longer use it, receiving His Will in exchange, we feel such an interior peace that we are able to bear things that, humanly speaking, we were not able to suffer. But with His Divine Will, the Lord gives us His Power, His Divine Power, His Creative Power.

Question — He says that these writings will renew the face of the earth.
AP — We will live on earth as the Blessed in Heaven. It is the fulfillment of the Our Father!

Question — So, in your opinion, this is the future of the Church?
AP — Yes, in the writings of Luisa it is said that when the Church will possess them, there will be a fire within the Church. It will be that same fire which the Gospel talks about: ‘They came to bring the fire on earth. Oh, how I wish that it could be already burning.’ This is the fire of the Divine Will!

Question — And do you think that Luisa herself is important in this? I mean, is it possible for people to know the Divine Will without knowing Luisa?
AP — The two things go together!

Question — Is Luisa a saint?
— Remaining in bed for all those years, writing all these things. We know from

Abresch, who knew Luisa personally, that Jesus Himself called her “My Divine Luisa. I exalted her up to the highest Seraphim.”

Question — Will she be canonized, in your opinion?
AP — It might be that the Lord does not need this, since He is already glorified if we live this spirituality. If we do it, this is His Glory! But it is up to us to live this spirituality, so that It may open its ways. In this way Luisa is “ipso facto” (by fact) a Saint!

Question — Well, is there anything else you would like to tell us? What would be your advice to someone who has just heard about the Divine Will for the first time?
AP — If these souls have sufferings, problems and many other things, they can say to the Lord: ‘Lord, I can do nothing, but I know that You can do everything. Take my will, and come to act in me...to work, to walk, to breathe, to suffer in me.’ As we empty ourselves and let Him act, our lives become more simple, and perfect. It will be easier to proceed along the path of this life.

Question — Are you happy to have known this spirituality?
— It has been the greatest grace I have received on this earth. Even greater than knowing Padre Pio, who has been a great Confessor and Spiritual Director. But with this spirituality we become divinized. We find this also in the Gospel, but Jesus teaches this to Luisa with many examples, which make it easy and attractive. This is the greatest grace for us, which allows us to bear and suffer things that we could not bear before; but with the suffering of

Jesus within us, everything becomes easy!

Question — Adriana, do you know whether Padre Pio did ever read any of the writings of Luisa?
AP — One lady who went to Confession to Padre Pio told him that she had read the Hours of the Passion. Padre Pio said: ‘I read it four times! Oh, how beautiful! And now, another one is about to come out — about the Blessed Virgin in the Kingdom. Oh, how beautiful that one, too!’ So, Padre Pio was aware of everything that came from Luisa’s hands.

Question — Adriana, do you know whether any vocations matured from the conferences of Federico Abresch?
AP — Yes, many vocations! There was a young lady, who left her boyfriend to become a cloistered nun. When Padre Pio told her that those things were the truth, she said: ‘So, what am I doing here in the world? I want to be in a Convent and lead a cloistered life.’ So she went and died in the Convent.
Also, other young people, when they heard Abresch talking about this spirituality — which is living on earth as the Saints and the Blessed live in Heaven — decided to become priests or monks. Yes, listening to Abresch, saying that, as we exchange our miserable human will, which is only capable of evil, with the Divine Will, we start living in a divine way, and our acts become like shining suns...like stars...divine things! So they said: ‘What are we doing in the world? We’d rather spend our lives thinking about these things!’