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Rounds of the Soul in the Divine Will Part 2


God wants to give us the fullness of this Reign of Sanctity, Beauty, Love, and Infinite Happiness, but He wants us to dispose ourselves to receive it, and for that it is necessary to know it, love it, desire it, and ask for it.

To know this Reign, we should meditate on the Word of God and all that the Church teaches us. Our understanding of the significance of the Reign of the Divine Will on earth as in Heaven can also be augmented by reading and reflecting on the writings of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta “The Little Daughter of the Divine Will, ” which have this as their central theme. We love this Reign if we put the Word of God into practice as Mary our Mother, and pronounce our little “Fiat every day in all of our acts, uniting them with those of Jesus and Mary.

Possession of all His Works
Lastly, a beautiful way to desire and ask for this Reign is to pray this Chaplet, since imprinting our little “I love you, I adore you, I bless you, I thank you,” in all the Works of God, in His eyes we make a most beautiful act of love; which, little by little begins to give us the possession of all His Works, and together with Them we learn to ask the Father for His Kingdom.

Adore, worship, and bless God
It is also a very simple way of praying, which helps us to fulfill the first obligation of love which every creature, and every child has: to adore, worship, bless and be thankful to God for all His Works and the Divine Life which

He offers us and wants to share with us.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Say the “Initial Prayer”: My Lord and God, now that I dispose myself to visit the Works of Your Hands, I ask that You give me Your Holy Spirit, and grant me the spiritual wisdom and intelligence to be able to obtain a perfect knowledge of your Will. Photo of the night sky.

Night sky as created by God.

Jesus, I want to unite myself to Your Most Holy Humanity to make this journey, and with You submerge myself in the Divine Will, where all your Acts are found, to fulfill with Your help and that of our Immaculate Mother the holy task of keeping you company and reciprocating with my “I love you, I adore you, I bless you, and I give you thanks for me and for all” to Your Love, to Your Will in all of Its manifestations in Creation, Redemption and Sanctification of the world. It is my intention also, to bring into the presence of the Most Holy Trinity each of Your Acts and together with You and our Mother ask that “Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done

on Earth as in Heaven.” Amen. Now, choose any one of the four parts into which “The Twenty-four Hours of the Day in the Divine Will are divided and start with the reading of the meditation corresponding to each hour. At the end of each hour, pray an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be, which correspond respectively to the small white, red and green bead, then say the aspiration: “Descend, O Supreme Will, and come to Reign upon the earth,” which corresponds to the large white bead. After finishing the six Hours, say an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be, for the intentions of the Holy Father.
The Twenty-four Hours of the Day
in the Divine Will

The soul is lifted up in the arms of its Creator and throws itself on His Divine Heart, to unite itself with Him in all the Acts that He did in Creation for Love of the soul; it does not want to leave Him alone, but wants to follow Him in everything. In doing this it returns to its origin and finds the beginning from whence it came. There, in His Divine Heart, everything is present as if in actuality He were in the process of creating everything. The creature wants to reciprocate with all its love for each created thing. In order to do this he must receive in his soul the deposit of the Love and Power that his Creator effused from His Heart with His Omnipotent FIAT in all Creation; and so he runs in each FIAT of his Creator to receive His Love and to be able to give in this way love for Love, glory