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Rounds of the Soul in the Divine Will Part 3


and adoration to The One Who loves him so much. God wants His children always with Him, in everything that He does, He wants the presence and the company of those He loves and for whose love He is working.
Later the soul is transported to Paradise, and receives there the FIAT of God, with which He infused in man the breath and Life of His Will. The soul is hurt, and tries to amend with love for its fall. Finally, it travels through all the centuries to embrace all men and to make reparation for each one of them.

First Hour
The soul follows the Divine Will in the creation of the Heaven and of the Sun.
My Jesus, I want to make my own all the love that your Divine Fiat had in creating the star-studded sky, so I may in turn spread out my heaven of love in your Omnipotent Fiat. And so, adorning all the sky with my love, I want to give my voice to every star, so it may repeat with me: “Jesus, I love You! May your Kingdom come quickly upon the earth.”

I come to the Sun which you created for me: I want to receive in myself all its light, its warmth and all its effects, so I too may be able to offer you my sun, to praise, glorify and bless with it the everlasting Light, its unquenchable Love, Your exquisite Beauty, Your infinite Sweetness, Your countless tastes.

Second Hour
The soul follows the Divine Will in the creation of the sea and the wind.

My Jesus, I come to the sea, I hear its
continuous murmur, the symbol of your Eternal Motion that never stops. I enter into that infinite and ceaseless Divine Motion that gives life to everyone, and I make it my own to give it to everyone and to ask You in behalf of everyone for the Kingdom of your Will. I make rounds also in the wind, to love, to praise, to glorify, to sing, and to bless the Kingdom of your Will in it. Jesus, with the Sovereignty of your Supreme Will, make Your Kingdom come in the midst of creatures, and dominate in them in such a way that no one will ever be able to resist It.

God creating the world.

God creating the world.

Third Hour
The soul follows the Divine Will flying over the earth, admiring all created things.
My Jesus, I see that all creation is filled with your adorable Will. And I want to praise, to glorify, and to seal with my “I love You” the order and harmony of all Creation, to bring to everyone the order and harmony of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

I want also to animate everything, and give my

voice to all, so that all will say: “Thy Will come to reign upon the earth.”

Fourth Hour
The soul goes to Eden and joins in God’s festivity over the creation of man.
My Jesus, here I am in Paradise where I contemplate how with the Father and the Holy Spirit You are forming your beloved jewel, your masterpiece: the beautiful statue of man. With how much love They form the statue! They infuse so much beauty in it, They dress it in so many Divine hues! And being able to contain Themselves no more, They infuse in the statue Life and Their Own Likeness.

Offering Adam’s acts
I also want to receive Your breath of Creation and I want to love You and adore You with the same perfection and holiness with which my first Father, Adam, loved and adored You; and offering You Adam’s acts, I ask of You, that Your Reign come.

Fifth Hour
The soul is present at the fall of Adam in Eden, and tries to make amends with its own love.
My Jesus, Adam and Eve withdrew from your Will to do their own. And from the highest degree of all joy and delight, they plunged into the abyss of all miseries. To console your Heart, I want to form my fixed abode in your Divine Will. I never want to turn away from It.