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Rounds of the Soul in the Divine Will Part 4


Sixth Hour
The soul continues its act of reparation. It passes in review the principal figures of the Old Testament.
My Jesus, I now pass in review the principal figures of the Old Testament, I meditate in them the prodigies of your Divine Will. For that I imprint my “I love You” in the sacrifice of Abraham, of Isaac, of Jacob, of Moses, etc., and I ask of You the Reign of Your Will”.

The soul maintains itself in the arms of its Creator and follows the Divine Will, detaining itself in all the Acts of the Virgin Mary, makes them its own and gives them to God as if they belong to itself. It considers immediately the Conception of the Word, all the Acts that He did in His Life, and to each of them gives its little correspondence of love and gratitude, and begs for the advent of the Reign of the Divine Will upon the earth.

Seventh Hour
The soul submerges itself into the oceans of Light and Holiness of the Heavenly Mother. With Her, it prays that the Reign of the Divine Will come upon the earth.
Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I see You are displaying oceans of power, wisdom, love, and indescribable beauty. Gathering all these oceans together, You call from the very depths of these
oceans, in virtue of Your Omnipotent Word,

the life of the Little Queen. You create her so very pure, without stain, and so rich in beauty that Your Own Divinity is enraptured. My Mother, in this first act of your Conception, together with Creation we take by storm our Heavenly Father and exclaim: “Let the Kingdom of the Divine Will come upon the earth!”

The wind-tossed sea.

The soul submerges itself into the oceans of light and holiness of our Heavenly Mother.

Eighth Hour
The soul continues with the Sovereign Mother to beseech the Heavenly Father that the Divine Will may be known to all and His Kingdom come.
Holy Mother, give your hand to your little child and help me cross the sea of your love, so that with your love I may more effectively ask for the coming of the Kingdom of Your Divine Will.

I make my own your adoration of our Creator. I make my own your prayers, your supplications and your sighs, to ask through them for this Kingdom.

Ninth Hour
The soul follows the Divine Will in the Conception of the Word and keeps company with the little Prisoner Jesus, in the womb of His Mother.
While I consider the Conception of the Word, I hide in your maternal womb my continual “I love You” and all my sufferings, to render fervent homage to the Son of God. Little Jesus, how many pains You suffer in the womb of the Virgin Mother for the tightness, immobility, and darkness you encounter there! I imprint my kiss, and my “I love You,” on your tender limbs, to ask of You, through the merits of these sufferings of Yours, that your Divine Will may have movement in the creatures and, through Its light, may dispel the night of the human will and form the perennial day of your Divine Fiat.

Tenth Hour
The soul follows the Little Child Jesus in the arms of His Heavenly Mother during the pain of the Circumcision and encloses all human wills in the pain of that wound.
My delightful little Child, to implore your Divine Fiat I imprint my “I love You” in the pain You suffered with the cruel cut of Circumcision. I beseech You to enclose in that painful wound all human wills, to grant us in exchange the Life of your Divine Will.

Eleventh Hour
The soul follows the Baby Jesus in the flight to Egypt; it invites all Creation to caress the Child, and with everyone