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Rounds of the Soul in the Divine Will Part 5


asks for the Kingdom of the Divine Will.
My lovable Child, You are forced to flee to seek refuge, for an impious man desires your death. Isn't this episode, perhaps, a symbol of the perfidy of the human will, which persecutes your Divine Will because it doesn't want your Will to reign? And I, my Jesus, as You run away, I want to make You feel everywhere my “I love You,” and since You run away to give me Life, I want to offer You my existence to defend Yours and to ask for the triumph of Your Will.

Twelfth Hour
The soul with Jesus in Egypt: It offers Him its heart as a lodging and asks with the Queen of Heaven for the Kingdom of the Divine Will.
My dear Jesus, here You are, arriving in Egypt. Accompanied by sorrow and tears, being forgotten, and by the abandonment of everyone, You are forced to enter into a small open shed. All this is symbolic of Your Will also wandering, for centuries, seeking lodging and does not obtain it. I unite myself to our Holy Mother to dry your Face and to imprint my “I love You” in every one of your tears and over your trembling lips; and, asking You for your Fiat, I offer my heart to your Divine Will as a perpetual dwelling.

The soul follows the Incarnate Word step by step, and accompanies Him with its love in all the Acts that He did in His hidden life and later in the most relevant Acts of His public life, asking always that His Kingdom come.

Thirteenth Hour
The soul is present at the first outing of the dear Child Jesus in the midst of the children of Egypt; it watches Him as He blesses them and it prays that He will also seal human wills with His blessing. My Heavenly Child, the children of Egypt, gather around You and You instruct them and finish blessing them. My Love, I accompany You in everything with my “I love You, I adore You, I bless You, I thank You” and at the same time I ask for the Kingdom of Your FIAT.The flight of the Holy Family into Egypt.

The flight of the Holy Family into Egypt

Fourteenth Hour
The soul follows Jesus Who, after the exile, returns to Nazareth. Showering Him with its “I Love You,” it asks Him with a thousand voices for His Divine Kingdom to come.
Jesus, my Life, now that the exile is over, You are returning to Nazareth, and I follow You step by step. What's more, I want to accompany You with a shower of “I love You, I adore You, I bless You”, inviting all Creation to keep You

company. You are now arriving in Nazareth, and I want to enter together with You into this sacred enclosure and, there, continue to offer You the canticle of my “I love You,” to conquer You with love and to obtain what You Yourself want and what the Queen Mother asks for: which is, that Your Will be known by all creatures.

Fifteenth Hour
The soul follows Jesus into the Desert. Stopping by the Jordan, it asks Him for the Life-giving Baptism of His Divine Will, so all may receive His Life.
Jesus, my Life, I see that You go into the Desert and to ask You for the Kingdom of your Divine Will, I follow You step by step with my “I love You. ”As You reach the Jordan, I saturate that water with my “I love You” to ask You for the Life-giving waters of Your Divine Will and the coming of Your Kingdom for all creatures.

Sixteenth Hour
The soul follows Jesus to the Wedding Feast in Cana. It asks Him to exchange the human will with the Divine Will. It continues to follow Him in His Public Life.
Jesus, at Cana, your Heart beats with special tenderness, because You recall having blessed other nuptials in Eden, that of innocent Adam. It was a double wedding feast You attended at that time: a wedding between your Divine Will and the human wedding between man and woman. You gave them as dowry the entire Creation but, above