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Rounds of the Soul in the Divine Will Part 6


all, your Divine Will beating in their hearts and in every created thing. I beg You for love to the Sovereign Queen, to perform the great miracle: to change the human will into the Divine Will.

Seventeenth Hour
The soul follows Jesus in His miracles and asks Him to perform the great miracle of resurrecting all souls in the Divine Will.
My Jesus, Friend, Master and Physician of men, for everyone You have words of consolation and You do not hesitate to touch their diseased limbs to heal them. All human miseries pierce your Divine Heart and wound It. It is this degraded human will, that in producing its worst effects, makes humanity so unhappy. That is why You go dispensing miracles to call Your Divine Will to Reign in the midst of Your creatures.

Eighteenth Hour
The soul follows Jesus as He enters Jerusalem and asks Him for the Victory of the Divine Will over the human will. It follows Him later in the institution of the Sacraments.
My Heavenly Love, I follow you with my “I love You” in the triumphant entry You made into Jerusalem.

This entrance seems to want to give me the joyful news that the Kingdom of Your Divine FIAT will soon arrive on earth. My Love, I come close to You to imprint my “I love You, I adore You, I bless You, I thank You” in each of the Sacraments that you institute.

The soul follows the Incarnate Word step by step, makes its own all these mysteries, envelops them in its love and offers them to the Most Holy Trinity asking Them for Their Divine Kingdom. That is why it follows Him from His Passion to His Death, goes with Him unto Limbo, waits for Him in the Sepulcher, and asks of Him the triumph of the Kingdom of His Divine Will in virtue of His Glorious Resurrection. Finally, it follows Him in His Ascension to Heaven to urge Him to reestablish the Kingdom of the Divine FIAT over the earth.

Nineteenth Hour
The soul follows Jesus to Gethsemani and in the three Hours of agony in the Garden.
My Jesus, here in the Garden, everything makes itself present to You: the sins of all men, the pains of Your Passion, each of which bears the infamous imprint of the deadly weapon of the human will that fights against a God. I want to comfort You, by making my “I love You, I adore You, I praise You” flow in every drop of Your Blood, in Your every suffering, anguish and sigh. And before You leave Gethsemani I ask you to assure me that the triumph of your Divine Will will not be long in coming.

Twentieth Hour
The soul follows Jesus in the suffering of His Passion to Calvary, and in His Death on the Cross and prays for the Triumph of the Divine Will.
Jesus, my “I love You” follows You always and seals all Your sufferings and Your spasms until Your last breath. By the pain that You suffered

in being condemned to death free us from the death that we give to Your FIAT in our souls, make our will die to itself and let Your Divine Will resurge dominantly and form Your Kingdom in all our acts. Oh Jesus, now You agonize and are ready to take Your last breath, I beg You, for the atrocious pain that You suffered on the Cross, that You infuse in us a burning desire to live in Your Will.

Twenty-first Hour
The soul encloses itself in the sepulcher with Jesus to bury its will with Him; it descends later to Limbo and asks with all those souls for the Reign of the Divine Will.
My Love, now deceased, I seal Your tomb with My "I love You" and I ask that You bury my human will in a manner that it will never have the possibility to return to life. I follow You to Limbo, and with surprise see that those holy souls rejoice; and, prostrating themselves, adore You. But it seems that the celebration is not complete because they all, in chorus say to You: "Sweet Savior, we thank You for how much You have done and suffered for Love of us, but now that You have redeemed us, fulfill Your Work: Make Your Divine Will Reign on earth as in It does in Heaven.”

Twenty-second Hour
The soul witnesses how Jesus triumphantly leaves Limbo and asks together with the Queen of Suffering and with all the souls of the just that the Divine Will Reign upon the earth.
My Jesus, do You not hear the chorus of