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Rounds of the Soul in the Divine Will Part 7


those voices so dear to You, and do You not hear the petition of the Queen of Suffering herself? Today, the day of Your Death, is also the day of Your victories, of Your triumph, grant us then, before leaving Limbo, the triumph of Your Divine Will over all human wills.

Twenty-third Hour
The soul follows Jesus in the act of the Resurrection and asks of Him that the human will be overthrown, and resurge in the Divine Will.
My Jesus, now You direct Yourself to the sepulcher to triumph over death and make Your Most Holy Humanity resurrect from the dead. What a solemn moment! To celebrate it and to obtain the resurrection of Your Divine Will in all creatures, I want to hide my “I love You” everywhere: in the sepulcher, in the Act in which You rose from the dead, and in the same light of glory that surrounds You. And You, My Love, in order to celebrate this date of jubilation, conquer our human will and make Your Victorious Will resurge forever in us.

Twenty-fourth Hour
The soul is present at the Ascension of Jesus and asks to be able to sing always: “May the Kingdom of Your Divine Will come to earth.”
My risen Jesus, while, with Your triumphant entrance into Heaven You open the doors which were closed for so many centuries to poor humanity, I imprint my “I love You” over those eternal doors. By that same

blessing that You gave to all the disciples who were present at the celebration of Your Ascension, I ask You to bless all human wills, so that they can know and appreciate the gift of the Life lived in Your Divine Will. My Love, already seated at the right hand of the Father, I ask You to leave the doors to Your Heavenly dwelling always open, so that I can come unceasingly to Your feet, climb up into Your arms and, untiringly, repeat my canticle of love: “Make the Kingdom of Your Holy Will come and Your Will be done on earth as in Heaven!”
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be for the intentions of the Holy Father.
Pray for us, Queen of the Divine Will, so that the Divine Will Reigns on earth as It does in Heaven.

In finishing this Rounds of the soul in the Divine Will we would like to invite you, to pray at least part of this daily, as in this way, not only will you correspond in love to Our God, but also you will be tightening the links of love with all His Works and taking possession of them; and His Reign, of which these Works form part, will extend itself in your soul. The meditations and prayers of this Chaplet are taken from the Book of the Rounds of the Soul in the Divine Will which Luisa wrote.

With the help of this little Chaplet, you can complement what you have learned to do in it. Once you have mastered the intention and the spirit with which these rounds are done, guided by the Holy Spirit, you be able to do your own rounds or journeys in the Works of God.

To finish, we would like to insist on the importance, not only in doing this exercise of love in our prayers, but also that this attitude should remain in our hearts throughout the day, in all our actions.

One truth which is repeated throughout the writings of Luisa and which is very important is that the Divine Will wants not only to enclose all of His Works in us, but also to extend Its Reign, that is to say, form Its Divine Life in ours.

Do you want to know how to grow in the Fiat, that is to say: how to Live in the Divine Will during the day? Luisa responds in one of her letters:
“Call the Divine Will in all that you do, whether it is a natural thing, or a spiritual one. Because everything is in the Divine Will, and It wants to Love together with you.If you call the Divine Will, It will grant you Its Love to love It, It will give you Its holiness to sanctify you, the light to know It and to make disappear weaknesses, miseries, passions, so that they will no longer have life in you, but that only the Divine Will extends Itself and forms Its Life in your every little act.” (From the letters of Luisa, Corato, 2-1-1939)