Luisa Piccarreta Letters and Prayer Book Orders


Order your very own copy of our two new books, The Letters of Luisa Piccarreta, and The Divine Will Prayer Book. In the first book, Luisa exhibits how well she has mastered the doctrine of the Divine Will. She teaches and exhorts her Divine Will followers to place all their acts in the Divine Will and she offers advice on becoming great saints in the Divine order.

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You may pay by check or money order also. Make it payable to: Frank Albas at 320 83 St #5, Miami Beach, FL 3314.


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Divine Will luisa_letters.jpg Letters of Luisa Piccarreta

book size 5-1/2 X 8-1/2, 138 pages.

A collection of Luisa Piccarreta's letters which elucidate and summarize the Divine Science of living in the Divine Will. If you do not grasp what living in the Divine Will after reading several of the Divine Will volumes, then I recommend that you read these letters. They are the simplest and most concise explanation of the Divine Will doctrine.

Divine Will Prayer Book.jpg Divine Will Prayerbook

book size 5-1/2 X 8-1/2, 105 pages.

A collection of prayers composed by Luisa Piccarreta and/or inspired by Jesus directly calling the Divine Will to reign upon the Earth.

bonus_coffee.jpg Honduran Marcala coffee

As a bonus for ordering both of the books, offers the customer a half-pound of ground freshly roasted Honduran Marcala coffee. This coffee is famous for its deep, roast-muted acidity, medium body, soft mouthfeel and straightforward flavors of molasses and nut-toned chocolate with a continued hint of dried fruit. This is a limited time offer.